Friday, December 30, 2011

Tonight's bedtime convo

Me: What made you happy today?
BB: My puzzles made me happy.
Me: Did anything make you feel sad today?
BB: Nothing made me feel sad.
Me: Did anything make you feel angry today?
BB. Nothing made me feel angry.
Me: What made you excited today?
BB: My cousins made me excited!
Me: Awww. What made you feel loved today?
BB: You made me feel loved.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

I hate complaining...

...yet I feel like I do it a lot.

Today's complaint? Our kids just came home last night for their week with us. BB had a huge breakdown when I picked him up from our sitter's last night... he wanted nothing to do with me. He wanted his daddy. He wanted the sitter. He DID NOT want mommy. We worked through it and he was in better spirits by the time we arrived home. But those 10-15 minutes were scary. That was nothing that I've ever seen from my BB before. He and I are so very connected. I think he was angry with me for being away for a week. *sigh* It's not my choice, but he doesn't understand that, nor does he need to know all the pain I am feeling.

Anyway, all that isn't even my complaint. My complaint is that it is 9am on Saturday morning. The kids are all home with MB while I sit in the ER with a very scary looking bladder infection or UTI. Why couldn't I get sick while the kids were away? My time with them is precious and we were going to do lots of Christmas stuff today... I need to be with BB and make sure he's okay And instead I'm sitting here alone.

Clearly I'm tired and emotional... I have a total pity party going on here. Party on.