Monday, March 3, 2014

Don't Judge

When I am sharing my deepest thoughts and emotions with you, don't judge. The thoughts may be dark, yes. But your judgement almost guarantees that it will be a long time before I share again.

Still Alive...

Hi. I'm still here... Craving being here more. Wondering if maybe so much has changed that I should be writing privately... or even starting a new blog. All my blog links appear to never receive updates anymore. And I'm not sure if I'm still the same person I was when I stopped writing. I have gone from being so certain about who I am to wondering where I fit into the world again. But I like continuity... and not leaving pieces of myself all of the Internet.
Apparently some things never change... I am still musing "out loud"... :)
If anyone is still reading the drivel, let me know. xo

P.S. I just added the few blog posts I made in what was my new blog to this one... continuity.