Saturday, December 13, 2008

'Tis the Busiest Time of the Year!

I haven't been showing much love to my blog lately!  The reason?  Christmas!  I've been out two nights this week shopping (not buying oodles, just lots of stops) and yesterday afternoon and last night I got all of the pics of BB that we're giving for gifts framed and wrapped.  I also finished the second Booga Bag early this week, and finished the second boring I-Cord yesterday!  (I'll try to post some pics of the bags at some point.)  I'm planning on heading back to town tonight.  I'm armed with a list, and providing a store that I need to visit downtown is open tonight, I'll be able to finish my shopping tonight!  I've never been been so ready for Christmas!

Next on the agenda, knit a little hat and mitts for BB.  I picked a ball of yarn from my stash last night and started casting on the hat this morning...  then BB needed some love, so I shoved it aside for later.  I need to make pies for Christmas (I can make DH's strawberry-rhubarb and my dad's apple pie now and freeze them, and closer to Christmas I'm going to try my hand at coconut-cream for my FIL), cupcakes (again, for my FIL... but they're easy, he wouldn't appreciate the effort if I made them from scratch, so I just crack open a box for him!) and maybe another pan of squares or some cookies--only because I like eating them.  

Although BB's tooth has broken through the gums, he's still not in the best of spirits.  He's sleeping pretty good at night (yeah!), but his daytime naps are really short (say, 45 minutes a pop!) and when he's awake, it's hard to keep him occupied.  He doesn't cry a lot but he's whiney.  When he is content to play on the floor, he's constatly trying to play with the Christmas tree!  It's funny, but I worry that he's going to pull it down onto himself.  He seems happiest when I hold him and read stories to him.  Good thing I've bought him a bunch of books for Christmas, because I'm getting sick of the ones he currently has... it wouldn't be so bad if all of his books were options, but we can only read the board books because as soon as we start to read a paper book he grabs it out of my hands and starts to crumple and chew on it.  I'm smiling as I type this... he's so funny.  It's been a somewhat trying week, but I have abolutely no complaints about it, and from what I hear other parents say about their children teething, this has been a walk in the park.  

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