Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

I received a message on FB the other day from someone I went to elementary school with.  We reconnected last spring and haven't really talked much since (even though she actually lives in The Settlement as well.)  Anyway, she messaged me because she has discovered that her one year old son has some pretty serious food allergies.  She says he's a huge eater, but she doesn't know how to add variety and keep him satisfied.  She said she has the impression that I am health-conscious like she is, and even though BB is younger than her son, I might have some ideas for her.

I'm not quite sure where she got the impression about me being health conscious, but it definitely is true.  I'm not a fanatic by any means, but over the last few years, healthy living has become a much bigger part of my life.  And now that BB has begun solids, I'm learning even more about healthy eating--and loving every second of increasing my knowledge in this area.  

I was pretty flattered that she thought to come to me for advice, and I love this sort of a challenge.  So I asked for the list of what he can eat, and also the list of what he can't eat, and then scoured all of my baby food cookbooks to come up with some meal ideas for her.  Once I started looking at the books, meal ideas were popping into my head that weren't even in the books!  I spent quite a bit of time working on this, but it was exciting and a lot of fun.

When I sat down to email her with some of my ideas I became a bit nervous.  What if she thought my ideas were stupid?  Or maybe she's already thought of these things; after all, some of them did seem pretty obvious.  She replied back and was really excited about some of the ideas (she even mentioned that she was really pleased with one of the obvious ones!)  I'm going to send her some recipes for my ideas, because she says she is not much of a cook.

Perhaps I missed my calling?  I am definitely more excited about doing this than I have ever been about my real-world job.

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