Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tired of Trying

I just returned home from round 1 of Christmas shopping.  Whew.  I now have all of our pictures printed that we're giving as gifts, and frames bought for the pics.  I'm tired and headachy.  The roads are total crap, and The Settlement road is beyond crap.

This is just a quick post to announce to the world that I'm tired of caring about everyone.  When I see a friend posting a status on Facebook that is reaching out, looking for a friend, looking for a hand, looking for anything, I'll often acknowlege it.  Let them know that I'm thinking of them.  Try to help them not feel so alone.  Most times, I find I rarely get a thank you, let alone a response.  For some reason I seem to care about these people and how they're feeling... afterall, they are my 'friends'.  If they're having a rough day, I feel bad.  It happened yet again today.  Don't reach out and ask for a friend and then push away someone who offers to help you.  

I know I'll probably continue caring and trying, but for tonight, I'm sick of it.

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