Thursday, October 22, 2009

Technological Musings

Since returning to work in May it feels as if DH and I have barely had a chance to catch our breath, let alone sit down and have a chat about anything. Life has been on fast forward for the past five months. Today is day three of my work-imposed sick vacation. Yesterday afternoon I signed onto aMSN for the first time since returning to work and had a great chat with DH. And we've been chatting for close to an hour this morning (I'm feeling much better today, and am going to try to not nap the day away!) It's nice to connect with him, even if it isn't in person! Technology is wonderful. Without it, I wouldn't have met DH in the first place!

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Mr. & Mrs. said...

Ha! I totally get this! FUN.
I always miss Jonathan and I's late night phone conversations that we obviously don't need to have anymore. When he went away for the Military it was almost like we were dating again, and as much as it sucked that he was away, it gave me hope!

Jon & I met online too ;)