Saturday, June 26, 2010

More stray thoughts

- BG is three months old today! I swear she said "Dad" tonight while I was getting her ready for her bath. I emailed XH to share that with him. Hopefully he found it as amusing as I did.

- BB fell off the couch twice today - head first each time. Poor guy.

- After six months of annoyance, the sink in my bathroom is finally unclogged. My dad is great.

- Another thing my dad is great at? Yard work. I had no idea this place could look so good.

- The Bell's Palsy continues to improve. A week ago I would have said that it had been a while since I noticed any improvement, but I believe I've observed a slight change over this past week. I've also noticed at night that I can feel the muscles on the right side of my face twitching a bit again, similar to how they twitched when it first started to heal. My right eye is still more open than my left eye, and when I smile, I still think it looks like I'm baring my teeth with the right side of my mouth than actually smiling. Also, that side of my face still hurts if I press on it. TMG told me tonight that I shouldn't press on it then. Great advice! But I notice it most when I hug anyone - that side of my face always seems to get smooshed against them.

- Still on the vanity front, I'm getting my braces on August 12. I'm scared and excited. I need to have three or four teeth pulled at some point. Trips to the dentist's office fill me with anxiety. It's a huge financial commitment. Hopefully nothing bad happens at work for at least the next two and a half years!

- I'm losing interest in Mr. Adorable. The pond seems to create a fickleness in me that I rarely experience in real life. Maybe he's too enthusiastic. Maybe it's the spelling and grammar. Maybe it's that I find The Older Man I've been talking to for a few days longer to be far more interesting. I'm not even sure if I'm interested in The Older Man in *that* way, but in general I enjoy talking with him more, so he's overshadowing Mr. Adorable. And since he's a writer, spelling and grammar aren't an issue! I'm interested in finding out more of his story. I'm so out of his league though. But whatever, if nothing else, I've made a few friends from the pond... so perhaps he'll fall into that category as well.

- Speaking of which, I chatted with H for a bit tonight on MSN. More of the same with him. I only really felt bored with our chat. He claims he's happy. I'm glad for him. It's good that he's keeping in touch, but it annoys me that it's most likely behind his girlfriend's back.

- There is a wonderful passage in Little Women about Laurie getting over his love for Jo. I keep meaning to post it here. It reminded me of how I managed to let go of those incredibly intense feelings for H.

- I love fresh strawberries. I can't get enough of them. I have to compete with BB for them though. He can plow through a box of berries in very little time!

Time for sleep. Another busy day tomorrow.


Independent Chick said...

Older man. Writer. If he's the one I'm thinking of...and yes, there can be many older, writer men...maybe just be cautious. XO

cuddles said...

Oh? Guy lives far away from here at the moment... still think it might be him?
Thanks for the warning... I try to be careful regardless. xo