Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Night Randoms

I'm not sure if I've ever done a Sunday night randoms post before...

-XH gave BB a buzz cut last weekend. One week later and I'm still loving it.

-I bought a package of smoked salmon last Saturday night when I ran into town for a few groceries to take my mind off the *ahem* incident. I had intended to pick up some crackers and cream cheese to enjoy it with, but in my distractedness, I completely forgot. It's still sitting in my fridge. I'm hit with the smell of smoked fish every time I open the door.

-Speaking of the incident, I've seen his number on my phone a few times this week but I've been out each time he's called. Oh drat. hehe.

-At 01:25 this morning, I received a text out of the blue from H. I was still up, so I replied, then he asked if he could call. My phone rang before he even received my response. My assumption that he had gotten back together with the ex-girlfriend had been correct, but apparently it didn't work out. So hey, when you get the urge to talk to someone in the middle of the night, why not resort to your Plan B (aka cuddles)? Yeesh. Interesting thing though. When I received his text I started vibrating from head to toe, much the same way I did when I received the FB message earlier in the week. But once I started talking to him I just felt annoyed. Yes, I still care, how could I not? But what he's going through has changed him, and not for the better. I just kept hoping the conversation would soon be over so I could return to what I had been doing. Once again, my anger has gotten me over the hump.

-At 08:19 this morning, guess who called again. Yeah. Needed me to look something up online for him as he was on the road. At least he admitted that time that he was just calling because he needed something. I'm sure eventually I won't be annoyed with him when/if he calls, but at the moment I am.

-Apparently if my cell phone is on vibrate and I miss the call, it will vibrate off of my nightstand and on to the floor. Who knew?!

-I bought an "all natural" toothpaste recently and cracked it open today for the first time. Tonight as I was brushing my teeth, I read the package and it has SLS in it! Had I noticed that, I probably wouldn't have shelled out the extra money for it.

-Twenty more days until my current cell phone contract expires. I can't wait. Bring on the iPhone!

-Two more days until I have the consultation with the orthodontist. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they won't ask for my first born as payment.

-I've been staying up far too late recently, but it's been so damn much fun.

-I was singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider to BG today, and BB ran to the living room, reappeared a moment later, and thrust his Itsy Bitsy Spider book into my face. Ah, thank you dear, now I'll definitely be able to sing the correct words!

-BB was asking for something that sounded like "duct tape" at supper time tonight. I had no idea what he wanted and then he began pointing at the "treat" cupboard and saying it. I asked, "Are you saying chocolate?" Yep, that's what he wanted. He won't attempt to say his own name, but he can say chocolate. That's my boy!

-I'm happy.

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