Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday's stray thoughts

- Recipes for Cheese-stuffed Dates with Prosciutto should NOT be delivered to my inbox. Cheese stuffed anything is usually A-1 in my books, and you typically can't go wrong with prosciutto, but the idea of mixing those two things with dates seems wrong. Very wrong.

- An unexpected late night phone call from someone on the other side of the country is a good thing. Especially when I spend half of the one hour conversation laughing my butt off.

- I wish I ate healthier on the weekends that BB is away. A McDonald's latte plus breakfast from BK is not a healthy breakfast. A package of Mr. Noodle and a small tin of Godiva dark chocolate pearls is not a healthy lunch. Two mini pizzas is not a healthy supper. Must try harder next weekend.

- Have been chatting on MSN with someone that I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of fighting with. It's weird.

- I think BG is going to be just as chatty as her big brother. She has babbled all day long. It's so adorable. She's also on the verge of rolling over. She can get onto her side, but can't get her arm out of the way to make it all the way over. And smiles! Oh my goodness she's so smiley. Such a little beauty who brings so much light into my life.

- BB spent the last two weekends with me as XH and I juggled weekends around to accommodate his schedule. Sending him off this weekend was incredibly difficult. I was very sad last night. Hopefully next weekend will be easier.

- I finally have my thank you cards done. Yes, my shower was in February. BG was born in March. It is now July. But I do have an excuse. It's called being a single mom to two little ones. I hope no one ever feels that they have to send me a personal thank you card for anything I ever do for them. Not that it's not a nice gesture, but life is just too hectic for everyone these days. And really, they're not exactly eco-friendly either. Just send me an email, please.

- As much as I love love love the newest T&S album, it's annoying that I get a weird feeling in my stomach when I listen to it. All because I took H to the concert with me in January, and they played all of the songs from the album. Why must I associate it with him? He didn't even like them. He's hardly on my mind anymore, but when I hear a song from that album, there he is again.

- I love listening to Leonard Cohen on the weekends that BB is away. At other times, I'm not feeling it. Maybe I just enjoy it more in the calm and quiet?

- I discovered today that the Dalai Lama is on Twitter. Or at least his office is. His tweets are great.

- My forehead is still twitching. Seriously.

- Mr. Adorable has quickly become Mr. Annoying and was blocked on my MSN almost as quickly as I added him.

- Poetry, eh? Kinda cool. I'm not feeling overly surprised about it. A painting blog might surprise me. Maybe not.

- I want to get some plants. I haven't killed the one I have yet. Time to try my touch on some others.

- I picked up some markers, paints and brushes for BB today. I'm looking forward to seeing the masterpieces he will create with them.

- Companies that say they will ship their products in an unmarked box to assure discretion, but then put "Personal Toys" on the customs label crack me up. Just sayin'.

- Listening to this Weezer song right now. It sounds like it should be playing at Chez Riz.

- I managed to enjoy about 20 minutes of sunshine this afternoon before BG woke up. That's 20 minutes more than I've managed to enjoy for a long time. Besides, sitting still that long proved to be difficult, even with a book to distract myself.

- BG has dozed off again. Time to get a few more things done. I'm moving and shaking today.

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