Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life as I know it

Most of this is stolen/paraphrased from emails I've sent to XH and N today… but I love it all so much that I figured this would be a good place to permanently record it.


The other night on the way home I had this conversation with BB:

BB: Mommy, I have good idea. I'm going to watch Thomas the Train while you make supper!

Me: No, honey. Supper won't take very long to make and besides, we don't watch TV on weeknights.


Me: I didn't say it was a bad idea, honey. I'm just saying that you're not watching TV.


Last night at bedtime BB was playing with BG's toy boat in the tub. He had it on the side of the tub and was splashing everywhere, and was crowding me while I was trying to bathe BG. I asked him to back off a few times and he didn't listen. Finally I lost my temper, grabbed the boat and threw it across the bathroom. He instantly started bawling. I mean BAWLING. And in between his sobs, he told me that I hurt his feelings. :( GAH. I felt like a piece of POOP. After his bath, as I was drying him off, I gave him a kiss. He said, "That made my feelings feel good." And then he went off to play with LWD. He came back into the bathroom as I was dressing BG and said, "LWD didn't hurt my feelings!" Apparently he's becoming very self-aware. That's my boy. :)


K & A gave BB a book called "Melvin Might" for his birthday. (It kind of sounds like "Melsha My" when he says the name of the book.) It's about Cement Mixer Melvin, and his friends Rescue Rita (an ambulance), Payloader Pete, and Jack Truck. Melvin worries about everything. A bridge is being built, but it isn't finished yet. Payloader Pete & Jack Truck decided to jump over the ravine-esque hole that the bridge is being built over. Melvin worries that he won't be able to make the jump, so he doesn't try. Rescue Rita tries to make the jump and falls in. Long story short, Melvin faces his fears and rescues Rita, saying "I can try!" the whole time.


BB LOVES this story. We've read it every night at bedtime since his birthday party. He sleeps with it every night and reads it at night as he's going to sleep and when he wakes up in the morning. Last night after BG went to bed, BB was lying on the couch reading it while I did some chores. And no word of a lie, he was READING IT. Word for word. In his sweet little voice, the words rolling off his tongue. I snuck up behind him to determine if what I thought I was hearing was really true, and yep, sure enough, he was saying all the words to the story. Obviously he wasn't actually reading the book, but he does have the entire thing memorized. A few times he actually pointed at the words while he was saying them. N came over for a visit a short while later and he read it to her as well.


After he read it the first time I said to him, "BB, I'm so proud of you!" And he responds with, "I'm proud of you too, Mommy!"


As I mentioned earlier this week, MB was away for work this week… his original plan had been to either come home last night after he finished work, or to wait and drive home today. He got sick on Monday, so Tuesday night he told me he was definitely waiting until today to come home, because he didn't want to be up all night driving while he felt so bad. Last night I worked around the house unpacking, etc. until about 11:30... at that point I was practically falling asleep on my feet. I still hadn't heard from him, so I figured he was out with some work people. I emailed him and asked him to call whenever he got back to the hotel, went to bed and instantly passed out. At 1:30, LWD started ruffing next to me in bed. I told him to be quiet. This went on for a few minutes. Then I heard footsteps upstairs and LWD flew off the bed and ran to the stairs barking his head off. I was freaking thinking that either a raccoon had somehow gotten into the house or that BB had gotten out of bed and was roaming around. I got up to check on things and when I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw that the kitchen light was on... I completely was panicking; knowing that neither BB nor a raccoon could reach the light switch, it HAD to be that someone had broken into the house. I was like, "Helloooo?" as I was going up the stairs... thinking that I should have brought along a weapon with me. (I have no idea what I would have used as a weapon though!) When I got to the top (and once I was brave enough to look), there was MB standing in the kitchen! :) No word of a lie, it never once occurred to me that it could be that he had come home early! Once I realized it was MB and that everything was fine, my whole body started shaking. I had seriously been freaking out. Definitely a good surprise though. Sooo in love. :)


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