Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Article: "Use of Tylenol-type pain relief in babies linked to asthma: study"

I'm feeling really frustrated by this new discovery. I've been trying to make BB's life as natural as possible, in an effort to avoid him having to suffer through the asthma and allergies I battled as a child. He has had baby tylenol twice now. My mom told me I should give him some after his two-month needles. I ignored her because I didn't really want to give him drugs he may not need. But then my doctor's nurse advised me to give him a dose when we got home, so I did. He also got a second dose after his four-month needles, but he spit most of that one out.

He's only five and a half months old. What if those two doses of tylenol do increase his chances of getting asthma? People have thought I'm crazy for the precautions I've been taking for a healthy baby. But I know what I went through as a kid and I don't want him to have to go through the same thing.

I haven't had much faith in my doctor or his staff since I became pregnant. There were a lot of mistakes on their part while I was pregnant, so I'm very careful to do research on my own before following their advice. However, I didn't look into this one... perhaps I wouldn't have found anything if I had looked at the time anyway. If he does end up with breathing problems, I know I'll never forgive myself.

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