Thursday, October 30, 2008


My plan for a structured nap for BB is going really well. I have yet to have a failed attempt. I've found that I have to be flexible sometimes. Like yesterday--he was sooooo upset because he lost his arm in the sleeve of his sleeper when he tried to roll over. I readjusted him, put him back down, only to have it happen again... and again! Finally he was so upset that I held him for a few minutes to calm him down, read his story to him again (luckily it was Goodnight Moon - a quickie!) and put him back into his crib where he promptly passed out!

Now that BB is napping in his crib, I don't have to tiptoe around the house quite so much. I can get things accomplished, because I no longer have to worry about disturbing his precious sleep in the swing! So what have I been doing with my newfound time? Sitting on my butt in front of the computer. Where is my motivation? Where is my get-up-and-go? I've always been lazy, but this is ridiculous.

I am going to commit to getting the following things done:
  1. Prepare for BB's adventures with solid foods. Because I need to over-organize this, I need a chart or a spreadsheet (oooh! yes! a spreadsheet) done up with what food he can have when.
  2. Homemade Christmas presents. I have two friends that I'll be giving gifts to this year. Last year I spent quite a bit of money on their gifts. I don't have a lot of spare cash this year. I do have a large yarn stash though. So I'm going to knit them each a Booga Bag for Christmas. It's quite uncomplicated, just a matter of getting it done.
  3. This one sounds silly... I need to get our Canadian Tire money counted for DH. We might get our treadmill from there, and this would help defray the cost, as we have YEARS worth accumulated.
Nap time seems to be over. The crying has started! I'll start working towards these little goals on Monday.

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