Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's BB's first Halloween! After much deliberating, I had decided not to bother getting him a costume. The money could be better spent, and he'd probably hate every second of wearing it anyway! However, my mom came to the rescue and got him a cute little pumpkin costume. He'll be wearing it to visit N tonight. Tomorrow we'll visit my parents (mom is working tonight, or else we'd go there tonight as well) so they can see how cute it is on him.

DH is going to be away most of the weekend. He's trialling at a local schutzhund club (not his own) with Horsey. He took the day off from work so that he could give Horsey one more bit of practice this afternoon on the strange field before the trial. So this morning the three of us we went for groceries. I'm so excited. I bought some baby romaine and some Rene's oregano & feta dressing. I also picked up a squash that I cannot wait to cook (I'm going to try baking it, in hopes that it will be nice and dry!) and also a couple sweet potatoes. My two previous sweet potato experiences weren't very good. That stuff is mushy! However, I'm going to try making sweet potato fries in the oven. BB will be eating them very soon... I can't expect him to eat something we won't eat.

The new house that they've been working on next door arrived in two pieces yesterday. It looks like we'll have new neighbours before the snow flies. I'm not impressed with this. I liked being surrounded by trees. Hopefully they're not a-holes. And hopefully they don't have a dog that runs... I don't want ours being provoked. DH and I have gone back and forth on what we want the neighbours to be like. In one way, we would prefer if they were like us and just kept to themselves. In another way, it would be great if they were like us and enjoyed hanging out with a few beer from time-to-time. Either way, we'd like them to be like us. :)

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