Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've been feeling a lot of pressure lately to prove that if I stay home with BB that it would lighten DH's workload around the house. DH hasn't suggested or even hinted at this, but I guess since I'm not feeling a lot of support from him in regards to not returning to work next May, I feel that I need to prove to him how fantastic it would be to have me at home on a permanent basis.

However, I'm finding it hard to get anything done around here during the day. BB is only going to be a baby who needs his mommy for so long... people keep telling me how their kids are past wanting to cuddle with their mommies - all they want to do is run and play. I want to take advantage of BB's willingness to snuggle and play with me.

After BB feeds now, we usually have a snuggle. He's happy and will snuggle into my shoulder for a few minutes after. Gradually he becomes a bit more lively, but he'll still cuddle with me while he plays with the pillow behind my back, or plays with my face, etc. Then I'll prop him up on my tummy and use my legs to support his back and we'll sing little songs and talk together. I'll often use this time to read him a story too. I love this time with him. He's become so interactive.

Yesterday morning, I knew that I shouldn't linger with him after his feeding because my friend was coming to visit later in the day. The house needed to be tidied. I made a choice to forget about the house and enjoy my time with BB. I reminded myself that she probably wasn't coming to see the house anyway, and I snuggled in bed with BB for an hour! And really, in the big scheme of things, I'd rather have the quality time with BB and let people think I have a messy/dirty house. My time with him is too precious to squander.

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