Thursday, November 27, 2008

Baby & Family Pics

I'm getting a bit excited. Tonight I'm picking up the disk of pictures we had taken a couple weekends ago. The photographer says that there's some great shots of BB! Hopefully there will be a decent family pic in the bunch as well. I plan to give them out to family as part of their Christmas gifts. I really need to cut back this year, so hopefully they'll like these as a gift.

DH Is going to put BB to bed tonight so I can head into town. I'll probably run a few errands while I'm out, since I will actually have time to myself. This feels weird. I am having a hard time letting go, accepting that BB is starting to grow up and doesn't always need his mommy. But at the same time, I know a bit of time away is good for both of us. And time with alone with Daddy is very good for both of them.

I love my little family.

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