Saturday, November 1, 2008

From Point A to Point B

I remember growing up and hearing my dad complain about people who didn't put forth the same effort he did in maintaining his vehicles. "It's just a way for them to get from Point A to Point B. Nothing more." I have to admit, I'm one of those people, and I'm sure it drives my dad insane.

We bought our car brand-spanking new in June of 2004 (even though the dealership calls it a 2005--I still haven't figured that one out!) The day we picked it up to take it home, the owner of the dealership presented us with a car cleaning kit. He probably took one look at our old 'pop can on wheels' and thought, "Wow, they really need this!" I think I washed it once later that same summer. The kit still is sitting in my basement, over four years later.

The summer after we bought the car, we were fostering Horsey for our friends. This was before he was our dog. DH had taken him to training and he was barricaded in the back hatch-part of the car. Horsey got a bit rambunctious and started to nibble on the rubber that went around the hatch window. He ripped a hunk of it off and started working on the material on the ceiling. The piece of rubber still hangs in our back window, three years later. And the chewed up ceiling? Yup, it's still there too, in all its frayed glory. Horsey should have just been GIVEN to us after that incident!

Last weekend my dad washed our car while BB and I were down for a visit. Washed it all up, polished one fender to see if he could buff out a scuff mark (he couldn't) and even wiped the dust off the plastic parts inside and armour-alled them. When we went to the Superstore yesterday, a bird pooped all over the passenger side window. There goes our somewhat-clean car. But it still got us from Point A to Point B.

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