Monday, November 3, 2008

Ramblings of the Weekend

I had a pretty good weekend, considering the fact that I didn't get to see DH very much.

Friday night we dressed BB up in his little pumpkin costume (soooo cute on him!) and took him over to N's for his first trick-or-treat experience. Surprisingly, he didn't mind the costume. He was even okay with the little hat; although, we did make fun of him while we were at N's... there were sequins on the pumpkin-stem part of the hat. How could we NOT make fun of him not even being six months old and already wearing sequins?

Saturday BB and I picked up my bro and the three of us went to the market. I love going to the market. I often don't buy much (other than breakfast!) but I still love going just for the experience. DH has started giving money to the people outside the market (I don't like to call them homeless, because I don't know what their situations are, but I think it's safe to assume they don't have much money, so maybe I could just refer to them as the financially-poor people?) and I felt bad that I hadn't dug out a bit of money for them before walking past them. I just wasn't thinking. And I'm not one to stop and go digging through my purse and wallet with them right there. "Hang on, let me have a looksee here... No, you can't have my twenty... ah, here's a loonie for you." Yeesh. They always seem so grateful though. Anyway, BB was a super good boy while we were out. No cranking at all. We picked up samosas for mother & father (they're up to $1 a piece now! And there's not a multiple-samosa discount now either! 1 for $1, 2 for $2, 12 for $12! I think my samosa days are over. K said the same thing. I'm willing to wager there are a few more people here in Freddy who are also saying the same thing. I know food prices are going up, but I feel like they're asking me to bend over and take it up the... woah, calm down, cuddles!) So yeah, we got some samosas for the parents, K got a donair from Richies, and I got a chicken thingy from Lebanese Plus, and then we were off to mother & father's.

When we got to mom & dad's, we ate all of our market goodies, and the I put BB in his costume. Everyone oohed and aahed and we took lots of pictures. Eventually it was time for BB to have a nap. I had asked my parents to put their playpen in one of the bedrooms (rather than in the living room where they normally set it up), so they put in K's old room. Following our new nap time routine, I was actually able to get BB to take a nap! That's definitely a good thing, since he usually won't nap there and then gets crankier and crankier as the day goes on. He only slept for half an hour though, because my cousin, T and her kids M & I arrived to show off their Halloween costumes and to meet BB. We ended up staying at mother & father's longer than we had planned, but it would have been rude to leave while T, M & I were there.

Yesterday for lunch I baked half of my squash that I bought on Friday, and had it with homemade potato wedges and my baby romaine and oregano & feta dressing that I also got on Friday. A pretty tasty lunch! And quite healthy too, which is a good thing because after lunch, N and S came over for coffee and sweets. I made Hello Dolly squares (they've been my addiction lately! At least I make a lower-in-fat version of them!), N brought caramel fondue that we dipped apples into, and then we dipped the caramel covered apples into dark chocolate chunks, coconut, or pecans, and S brought brownies. We ate soooo much sugar. Oh, and we drank two pots of coffee. I felt sooo sick. It was so much fun!! When DH came home from the trial all three of us were sitting at the kitchen table talking at him - he looked so stunned. Then annoyed. Too funny! We had taken a meal out of the freezer to have for supper last night, so we baked it while BB was getting ready for his bath and having his final feeding, and I ate my supper after he went to bed. I totally needed something that wasn't full of sugar or caffeinated!

And now it's Monday and we're back to the grind.

Oh, a couple of funny BB things...

Last week he started this new thing where he looks like he's either chewing at the air or trying to talk without making any noise. His little gums are going right at it! (He does this with his mouth open.) I think he's trying to mimic us talking, since he does it at times when he's not watching us eat.

Last night when I was giving him his bedtime meal he pulled off my breast and laid there sticking his tongue out at me. The paranoid mother in me though it looked like might have been swollen, so I was carefully listening to his breathing, and it sounded okay. Then he starts smiling at me and continuing to stick out his tongue. I should mention that I've been sticking my tongue out at him for months now, because it almost always gets a laugh. I think he was just being silly. This morning, he started doing the same thing! The little tongue comes out and he's looking at me with a big gummy grin on his face. All I could do was laugh at him. I need to not laugh the next time he does it at meal-time though... otherwise, he's going to start thinking that mealtime is actually make-mommy-laugh time. And that would be so frustrating!

And on that note, guess who just woke up from his ultra-quick nap (only 30 minutes?!) Gotta go!

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