Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Supper Chaos

Whoa! So glad this evening is winding down. BB has been asleep for almost and hour, DH is hanging out in the basement with the dogs, and I just got the kitchen tidied up, and then got BB's food ready for his meals tomorrow. Once that was over with, I crashed where I am sitting right now with a large piece of chocolate angel food cake that N gave to me last night. (Slathered with white chocolate cream cheese icing left over from my mom's birthday cake! hehe!)

DH had to take the Old Girl to the vet at 18:00 tonight to have her incision from her surgery last week checked as she is now done her antibiotics (the vet says all looks well, BTW.) Because DH had to be out of here by 17:50, we decided to make a supper that I could do part of the preparation for whenever I had a chance to during the day. In the October Parents magazine, I found a recipe for this Indian-Spiced Chicken with Relish. We decided that I would make the relish part and DH would take care of the chicken, and a side of veggies and rice when he got home. (I need to dedicate a post sometime to all the wonderful things he does around here!)

I decided to start giving BB two meals a day beginning today, as he is finally eating most of what is being served to him now I say most, because he's wearing quite a bit of it too!) So because BB was due to eat around 16:30, I decided to feed him some avocado while DH was preparing the chicken, etc. That went well, but BB was still hungry, and therefore cranky, so I gave him a sippy cup with some pumped milk to occupy him while we ate our supper. I cut into my chicken and it wasn't cooked all the way, so into the microwave it went. BB is still cranking. Sippy cup hits the floor spout-down and there's a puddle of milk. I clean it up get my chicken out of the microwave and start eating again. DH puts his chicken in the microwave now. Cut off another piece of chicken and it's still not cooked! Back into the microwave. BB's still cranking. The rest of my food is getting cold. Did I mention that BB is still cranking? Both of us are trying to be ready to catch the sippy cup each time it gets tossed off the high chair. Finally DH is close to being done his meal and he takes BB and starts walking around with him so I can finish my meal--my plate is still fully loaded because I've spent so much time cleaning up milk and microwaving chicken! Once I'm done eating, I nurse BB while DH finishes his (cold!) supper. Far too much chaos for my liking at supper time! Normally I would have just nursed BB before we ate our supper, but since we were working with a deadline, I didn't want to take the time.

Anyway, the verdict on the chicken? It was good for a change. We eat a fair amount of chicken, so it's nice to have a different way to prepare it from time to time. I'm not a huge pear fan (in fact, I wasn't even sure how to go about chopping it when I was preparing the relish! I am ashamed to admit that I was surprised at how much the core of the pear reminded me of an apple!) so while I was eating I kept thinking, "I know I'm eating pear." DH says he liked the pear part but found the cranberries too tart. But neither of us said we should throw out the recipe I clipped, so I guess it's a keeper. Hopefully I won't let tonight's chaos overshadow my thoughts on the recipe... that happens sometimes.

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