Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've been in a bit of a funk since the phone call I received Saturday. Since then, because I'm second guessing everything everything that I once accepted as being rock-steady I've had some super paranoid thoughts. I've even asked DH if he's cheating on me. Ugh. (BTW, the answer was no. But really, who tells the truth about that anyway?)

I haven't wanted to write about all of the negative things going through my head right now. It's too 'hurty' (yes, I like to make up words on occasion) so I decided to give Mr. Blog a face lift (I have no idea why my blog is a he, but it is.) I found a website with some neat backgrounds and I've tweaked the font colours a bit. I'll probably play a bit more, but generally I'm satisfied with the current look. For now.

BB had day five of bananas this morning. Yesterday I managed to get him to eat some by letting him chew on a spoon. When he would open his mouth to chomp down on it, I'd sneak in a spoonful with a second spoon. Some would get pushed out again, but I know a bit was swallowed. Today I used the same method, but this time, he actually took the spoon out of his mouth a couple of times and opened his mouth for me to put the bananas in! And then he would swallow! Success! He even took the spoon from me a couple of times to put the banana in his mouth himself! I was pretty excited! I might give him two meals tomorrow. Try the avocado again in the morning, and give him bananas while we have supper. Oh, and Sunday night I tried a different type of sippy cup (this one doesn't have a valve to prevent leaks) and he did much better with it. He was intentionally putting the spout in his mouth to get milk! He's chewing on it still, instead of sucking, but with this cup, the milk will drip out without sucking. I'm feeling a lot better about his transition to solids now.

I'm going out for dinner with N and S tonight. I'm really excited, because we're going to one of my favourite restaurants. I feel bad though, because it's the last time I'll see S for a few months, as she's going away for work. I'm hoping to feed BB at 18:00, and then have DH give him a bath and put him to bed at 19:00 or 19:30. Part of his bedtime routine is to nurse, but there are several nights where I think he would go to sleep pretty quickly without the nursing. Let's hope tonight is one of those nights! I do have quite a bit of milk pumped off and in the fridge in case DH needs it. If this goes well, perhaps DH and I will have a night out sometime soon.

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