Saturday, January 3, 2009

Do I Really Want to Share?

DH knows I've been reading lots of blogs lately.  Today he asked me if I've started my own yet.  It's not like I'm going to lie about it.  So of course I told him yes.  And he mentioned something about wanting to read it, or being interested in reading it... something to that effect.  *sigh*  I have nothing to hide from him, but if I know that someone I am so close with is reading, I worry that I won't continue to be true to myself with my posts.  And I worry that he'll think I'm posting about particular things as a way of trying to bring up a subject with him that I can't bring up in person, or as a way of getting at him for something.  All ready I've questioned whether I should even be writing this.  


Independent Chick said...

I questioned it too. This is blog number two for me. I had written one for about two years and then prying eyes entered and instead of reading and moving on, they made judgements. Well, that one got deleted. I regret it sometimes because there were somethings in there that were damn funny but it is what it is. As for this one, nothing in it I wouldn't say anyway. I live with my emotions on my sleeve, always have. Besides I do it for me, the rest, well they can pee off if they don't like it. Do it for you. Enjoy it. : )

cuddles said...

It's too bad you deleted your old blog, I lurked there a bit (sorry for not de-lurking sooner!) and you're right, there was some damn funny stuff there. :) I was happy to stumble across your new blog though!
I too, wear my emotions on my sleeve, so I get where you're coming from.
Thanks for coming to visit me. Your insights are appreciated.