Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some People Never Change

**Note:  I posted this on my public blog last night, but decided to move it to this blog (currently private) rather than risking offending anyone.  Not that I think this person is reading my blog, but you never know...

I find it amazing how some people never change.  Even after a decade and a half, they are still the same person...  Self absorbed, all about themselves.  Yet after a decade and a half, I still can't help but like them.  But I wish they would want to hear my stories from the last fifteen years.  I guess my stories aren't filled with the heartache and scandal their stories have been filled with, so they wouldn't be nearly as interesting.  Really, who wants to hear stories about happiness and love?  Most people don't want to.  And maybe because my overall story is a happy one, I don't readily share it.  Even on here, I don't seem to post most of deepest, happiest moments.  I don't have the words to describe them.  I can only share the facts, and describe my emotions with plain words like happy or sad.  Maybe if I had a more flowery way of writing I'd be able to share those deeper thoughts.

I'll keep liking them, and if we meet again, I'll once again listen to their stories.  

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