Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Night Randoms

I made a second entry on Wednesday night, but deleted it the next day.  It felt like the gist of what I was feeling didn't come through at all.  It didn't even seem close.  I was hoping the words would start to flow a bit easier after I had been at this for a while, but it's not really happening.  I have been feeling frustrated with it all lately, but I don't plan on giving up.  

Last night I spent 2 hours and 20 minutes talking on the phone to one of my BFFs.  We hadn't had a phone convo since before Christmas; it was so incredibly nice to spend some time with her!  We would probably still be on the phone (almost 24 hours later!) but the battery in my phone died at the 140 minute mark.  Hopefully the weather will co-operate and we'll get to have a visit together soon!

BB woke up about 10 minutes before DH's alarm this morning.  Odd, since the alarm has been waking him up recently, and then he's been staying up for the day.  By some miracle I was able to get him to go back to sleep after he nursed, and he slept until 07:30.  And at 07:30 he was happy to play in his crib and chatter to himself for an additional 20 minutes, so I was able to take my sweet old time waking up.  I felt human today.  

I've been thinking I want to do one of those 100 random things about me entries.  I've seen them on a few blogs.  It might amuse me...  could even be a bit therapeutic.  I'm thinking it would also be very revealing.  ;o)

I deleted a few "friends" from FB today.  People who added me, and I accepted their request just because.  Same old song and dance... these people never did talk to me after adding me.  Just because I was a grade or two ahead of you in elementary school, doesn't really make us friends.  We're hardly acquaintances, and I wouldn't know you if I fell over you now.  Even as I was deleting these people, I had no desire to even creep on their page one last time (and I do love to creep.  I have no shame in admitting that.)  So really, if I'm that uninterested in their lives, why bother keeping them around?  If I don't go back to work, I have some more folks that will be taken out in the next round.  They've only had my limited profile anyway, I just didn't want to hurt their feelings by not accepting their request.  Bye-bye friends.  

Today I started working on a Christmas present for next year.  I always thought that those slipper baskets that people kept next to their door were gross.  For some reason, people with those things are so insistent that you put on a pair of slippers when you enter their house.  A couple years ago one of my friends received a slipper basket full of hand knitted slippers as a Christmas present.  It was a gift she wanted; I shuddered at the thought.  Then I visited her before Christmas, and she gave me a pair of slippers to put on.  My feet were cold.  The slippers made them warm.  I'm now a convert.  It helps that she is a very clean person.  I know that the slippers I was putting on were clean, and that they'd be washed after I wore them.  It grosses me out to think that I might be given a pair of pre-worn slippers to wear, and that someone else might be wearing them again after me.  It seems too much like a bowling alley!  Anyway, my mother has mentioned that she would like a slipper basket.  I've mentioned before that I really need to cut back even more next year at Christmas, so this will be an excellent gift for her.  Hand made, inexpensive, but something she wants.  Sweet.   But I'm not the world's fastest knitter, so I'm starting now so I can have several pairs ready by Christmas.

It's almost 22:00... time to get to bed.  Nighty-night.

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