Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bath Time!

Tonight we gave BB a bath in the grown-up tub.  Bye-bye little blue baby tub.  In all honesty, he should have been out of the little tub a long while ago, but our tub has been too gross to put him in.  So we've each had a pass (or three or four in DH's case) at the tub, and it's finally clean.  We were both pretty excited to move him into the tub, but he hated it.  No, hate isn't a strong enough word.  HATE might be better.  He sat there taking it all in for a couple of minutes, long enough for me to get a couple of pictures.  Then he tried to move a little bit and looked like he might be about to lose his balance.  Then the tears started.  And the screaming.  Poor little guy.  His bath ended up being a quick soap, rub, and rinse, and then wrapped up in the towel for some hard-core cuddling.  

I've read that some babies don't like moving into the big tub, but since BB is so good natured, it never occurred to me that he might have an issue with it.  We'll see how tomorrow night goes.  I think I'll be ready to hop in with him if he needs the moral support.  

Heh, this reminds me of people I used to babysit for when I was a teenager.  I started flipping through one of their photo albums (it was in their family room, not hidden away some place private or anything) and saw lots of cute pics of their little guy.  I came across some pics of the little guy in the bath tub, no biggie.  Then I turned the page...  and there was 'dad' in the bathtub with the little guy, and all of his stuff was in the picture!!  Ew.  Ew.  Ew.  I quickly slammed the book shut and put it back.  I doubt I was meant to see that.  

Oh, and that brings me to another story.  I told DH that I wanted a picture of BB as soon as he was born.  You know, still all covered in cottage cheese, fresh into the world.  On Facebook, I saw a pic of a friend's little girl that was taken within moments of her entrance into the world.  You could tell the doc was holding her up in the air, and it was a great shot of her.  I was envisioning the same thing.  DH is wonderful at following my instructions, and he did exactly what I asked for... I have a pic of BB laying on my stomach with my hands touching his body, he's completely covered in cottage cheese, and completely purple... and you can follow the cord from his tummy to my crotch.  Yep, included in this picture of BB is a full-on shot of my crotch.  I thought about cropping it out, but decided against it.  I think it's actually a very cool picture, so soon after birth that the two of us are still connected together, but it's one of those things that you don't really want to share with everyone.  Or anyone for that matter.  


ML said...

Ahh yes the wonderful pictures that can be found after delivery. We have one from E-Man like that. Mum was trying to get a pic of DJ cutting the cord...with me in all my glory! My OB still had his hand in my junk! It has been gloriously deleted :P

cuddles said...

Nice! All of the pics of me while we were in the hospital are completely hideous... I think the crotch shot is probably the best one. haha.

LLW said...

I bet in another couple weeks you'll be fighting to get BB out of the tub! :)

*shudder* at the pic of the man in the tub with his junk....definitely some pictures that should stay hidden..haha

Lots of people videotape those moments so why not have pictures! Very cool that you have one with the umbilical cord still attached.....

cuddles said...

Tonight's bath went much better... with me in the tub next to him. :) Tomorrow night we'll try putting him in alone and see how it goes! (I'll be suited up though, just in case!)

I don't think you're allowed to videotape births at the hospital here. They're probably are worried about a liability case or something... catching a screw-up on tape! I guess the picture definitely proves that I am his momma! ;o)