Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quick Update

Once again, I'm sitting here wondering where the time has gone.  It feels like forever since I last posted.  I've had so many things that have made me think, "I need to write about this."  Then I proceed to mentally blog, but I haven't had the time to sit down and actually type any of it out.  

I need to get to bed soon; I feel like I'm running on empty.  But first I want to record a few things while they're on my mind.  
  • Sunday was a big day in our house.  I celebrated my 10th anniversary with Kitty, and it was BB's nine month birthday!  
  • BB has been working on standing up for a little while now.  He's pretty much mastered it and is now starting to stand up using a wall for support--nothing to grab on to to pull himself up!  If you blink, you can miss the process of him getting up.  He's sitting down one second, and the next he's standing there staring at you.  He's really getting good at landing on his bum when he's ready to get down.  You can't turn your back on him for even a moment--you never know what he's going to grab on to, and it's so scary to think of him flipping something over onto himself, or him falling and crashing into something that could seriously hurt him.  
  • I cleaned out the bottom two shelves of the pantry yesterday, and found room for the big bags of flour that have been sitting on my kitchen floor for months, and the bags of cat food that have never had a home (besides sitting next to the cat's dishes on the kitchen floor!)  Tonight I packed away most of our pictures and decorations from the living room.  Hopefully I'll have the place baby-proofed soon.  I'm just so uncertain where to put everything.  I find I have to think hard to come up with a good place to re-home all of our stuff.  It's a slow process when you always need to find the perfect solution to a problem before you can proceed.  (Before anyone thinks I'm a bad mother, BB is never left unattended in a non-baby-proofed area!  Heck, he's rarely left unattended if he's not in his crib or play pen.  After a diaper change, he'll crawl into the bathroom while I'm in there washing up, so my back is turned on him for that 30 seconds while he's scooting to the bathroom.  hehe.  It's so cute seeing him round the corner into the bathroom with a big smile on his face, so proud of his ability to move from room to room now!)  
  • My in-laws visited today.  It wasn't bad.  BB is very much in the clingy and shy stage, so it took a while for him to warm up to them.  I don't force him on to people if he wants to be with me.  I want him to feel reassured that everything is safe and secure in his world.  When he's ready, he makes friends.  
  • I've done something I haven't done yet - I have intentionally shared my blog with a friend.  Eek.  Hi M.  :) 
  • S is back in town!  Wahoo!  N and I visited her last night.  We picked up those super expensive but incredibly yummy candy apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate place to eat during our visit.  I also made brownies and S had some delicious cheese from the market and some crackers and some great spreads.  I didn't get home until almost 11:30... way past my bedtime!
  • I got an email from the HR manager late this afternoon.  She wants the details on what I'm looking for if I don't return full-time in May.  I'm feeling a bit panicky.  I don't handle rejection well (or at all) and I'm worried she's going to tell me I'm asking for too much.  But if I don't ask there's no chance of it happening, right?
  • I've decided I need to cut back on the refined sugar I'm eating.  I've been making so many squares and cookies lately.  I love baking.  But unfortunately, all of the baking needs to be eaten!  (What a chore!)  By the end of last week I was starting to feel pretty bad and came down with a bit of a cold.  I've always noticed that if I have too much sugar it seems to affect my immune system.  So I have to find something else that I enjoy baking...  I'd like to try bread sometime.  Maybe I should give that a go sometime soon.


ML said...

Hi :)

Independent Chick said...

All sounds fabulous!

Don't worry about the HR folks. You ask and let them figure out the rest.


cuddles said...

Welcome, ML! :)

Thanks for the reassurance, Independent Chick!