Friday, February 6, 2009

Stepping Out

Tomorrow I am stepping out of my comfort zone.  And I'm taking BB with me.  I'm asking myself if it's fair to him, to drag him along when I'm not comfortable doing something.  But he's the entire reason I'm not comfortable doing it.  If I stayed in my comfort zone, he would never leave the house.

I'm taking a little road trip to visit my BFF in SJ.  And of course, BB is coming with me.  Before BB's arrival, I didn't think twice about jumping in the car on the weekend and spending the day with T.  But, I haven't made the trek since before he was born.  I haven't been comfortable traveling that far with him all by myself.  (I don't really need to list the reasons.  I think they're pretty obvious.)  But T came up to visit me with her little guy when BB was born...  and now BB is almost the same age her guy was at the time.  It's time I spread my wings and fly again--with BB on my back.  Or in my backseat, rather.  I have a gnawing pain in my stomach just thinking about it.  


Independent Chick said...

You'll never look at travel the same way again. It's because you are a concerned, good Mama. But keep up the road trips, you both need it. : )

cuddles said...

Sometimes I worry that my concern borders on paranoia!
Thanks for the support, as always!