Friday, February 6, 2009

I Don't Like Doing This, But...

I've reviewed my posts, and changed how I refer to my hubby and son, "just in case".  I think this move will help me to keep it real.  Not that I haven't been.  But this will ensure it continues.  I'm not too worried about the odd friend reference, but anyone who remotely knows me would recognize the initials of my family plus some of the obvious facts about my life.  (Really though, do you know that many people with five dogs?!  ;o)  )

I didn't change anything in the blog other than how I referred to them... I've recently been referring to hubby as DH and baby boy as DS, but I haven't really like either of those.  They sound so impersonal.  So DS is now BB for Baby Boy, something I call him quite frequently.  He may get Monkey Man some too, since I seem to call him that a LOT.  I don't have anything different for hubby yet other than DH, but once I think of something, I'll use it on a go-forward basis.  

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