Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Affectionate Little Guy

Yesterday was an icky day.  We were up lots in the night (darn those four teeth coming in all at once!) and our morning nap didn't happen.  Early in the afternoon I was tired and just needed a moment to sit.  I gave BB a book to play with and just held him in my lap while I checked out Facebook to see what was going on with everyone.  I'm not sure how long we sat like that.  Yesterday is a tired blur.  But it couldn't have been more than three or four minutes...  then he reached up, took my face in his little hands, and gave me a big kiss on the cheek!  He didn't grind his teeth into me, and I could feel his little lips making a kissy motion against my skin.  Suddenly I was snapped back to reality and my heart was dancing with happiness.  Apparently it wasn't a few minutes in front of the computer that I needed to rejuvenate me... it was a kiss from the sweetest little boy in the world.  


LLW said...

How sweet; a little melt your heart moment! :)

cuddles said...

He's full of 'em! <3