Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. Sun!

Yesterday afternoon, BB and I got out for a walk!  It was +9C!  It was our first outing in The Settlement since early last fall and it felt fantastic!  BB even let me give his little face a good coating of sun-block before we left the house!  He refused to wear his sunglasses though.  Hopefully I can get him into that habit sooner rather than later.  

I'd like to try to find a stroller where he faces me rather than the one we have where he faces away from me.  It's hard to chat with him when he's facing away.  I have to raise my voice louder than I'd prefer to talk to him, I can't see his reaction to what I'm saying, and I can't see exactly what he's looking at to talk with him about it.  

About half way through our 30 minute walk he let out a little shriek.  I started to panic thinking that we were too far away from home for him to throw a fit!  But it was the beginning of him joining me in the conversation.  The rest of the walk home he chattered away with his usual, 'Ba ba ba' and 'Da da da', sprinkled with some 'Ya ya ya' and 'La la la'.  

I felt so fantastic after we returned home!  I had so much energy--completely rejuvenated!  I've always said that I'm a child of the summer, and even though there's still oodles of snow on the ground, it didn't matter because the sun felt sooo good.  It felt as if it was promising me that we'd be together again soon.  Cuddles + Mr. Sun = True Love Always  ;o)  (Don't worry folks, I always use protection in the form of sun-block when fooling around with Mr. Sun.  I hope you all do too!)

I had hoped to repeat the experience today as the temperature is supposed to be in the same range; however, Mr. Sun has hardly made an appearance today.  I felt that with all the snow on the ground it might be a bit chilly for BB to sit in his stroller for half of an hour.  However, the next warm summer day, you can bet we'll be hitting the pavement... er, the chipseal in our case! 


ML said...

I, too, love Mr. Sun! So you'll have to share with me!!! I am so glad to finally see the snow melting. I am hoping that it will help drag me out of my funk. xo

LLW said...

Sun = happiness!

I conquer I conquer I conquer! :)

I'm always a sun worshipper, after our long winter's it's just so great to be outside - comfortably - and enjoying the days/nights.

What a beautiful weekend we had! ...hopefully this snow squal this a.m. is our last. :)

cuddles said...

ML, you know what I remembered today? Playing on your Wet Banana in your backyard one hot summer day. I'm guessing it was probably your last summer here as it is one of my last few memories I have of us hanging out. I remember it was soooo much fun! AH! Summer! I, too, hope it arrives soon and takes away the funk.

breathin', the weekend was indeed beautiful! We made it out both days! Today was a bit of a dreary shock though! I see sun in the forecast for Wednesday though! :)