Friday, April 17, 2009

Only a Bit Inappropriate

DH usually leaves the baskets of our clean laundry in BB's room, since he normally does the laundry after BB is in bed (in our room.)  When it's time to fold all of the clean laundry, I do it in BB's room so he can play in a relatively safe environment while I work.  Sometimes, he likes to "help" me with the laundry.  He used to pull stuff out of the baskets to play with, but over the past week he's started pulling things out of the baskets, and putting them in other baskets.  It's really cute.  

Today, he pulled one of my pink thongs out of one of the clean baskets, played with it for a bit, tossed it around a bit, shook it around in the air a bit (nope, it didn't rattle), and then put it in with his laundry.  I'm wondering if he was hoping I'd forget that it was mine and try to put it on him tomorrow.  

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