Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When it Rains...

BB was a very sick boy all last week. He had a very high fever for several days and by the time we took him to the doc, his tongue was white with red spots. The doc checked him out and decided he had roseola. He said the fever would go away (and it did, the same day we saw the doc) and that he would develop a rash that would move from head to toe. The rash never did appear, but he got better, so all is good. I guess we'll never know what was wrong with him.

I'm often of the mindset that we shouldn't be pumping ourselves or our children full of drugs; however, last week with the fever, BB went through a lot of Tempra.

Fast forward to this week, now I'm the one that is sick. Yes, I am home sick today. And really sick, not faking. I feel like I am growing bones in my throat, my head is aching, and I have a temperature. And the cherry on top? A yeast infection. And boy, did that one come on fast. Normally I can treat myself for these with acidophilus, but so far, I've been unsuccessful. So, I just returned from a little jaunt to the drug store to pick up some Monistat and some ice cream (medicinal, of course!) I've also dosed myself with some acetaminophin. The ice cream and acetaminophin have worked wonders. Hopefully the Monistat will do the same tonight.

Now that I'm feeling the positive effects of the acetaminophin, I'm glad that I kept BB topped up with it last week. Because I've gotta say, it sucks to be 30 years old and feeling sick... I can't imagine how awful it must be to be 13 months old, feeling sick, and not understanding WHY you feel so miserable.

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