Monday, July 27, 2009

Abnormal, I am.

I snuck into the conference room this morning to call the doctor's office. You're going to hear a lot of complaints about him over the next several months, so brace yourself. The complaining starts today with his receptionist... the gatekeeper from hell.

Me: "Hi, It's cuddles calling, I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. B."

My voice is all ready quivering because I'm excited about having to make this call, nervous about having to talk to HER, worried that other people will be able to hear my voice through the radiator (yes, it happens in our office.)

Her: "What do you need the appointment for?" (she has her usual "annoyed boredom" tone of voice.)

Me: "I'm pregnant again."

Her: "Well, Dr. B. normally doesn't see pregnant women until they are two months. How far are you?"

I'm beginning to feel rage at this point. Is she discouraging me from making an appointment with my GP?!

Me: "I'm not certain."

Her: "Well, when was your last period?" (I wish I could convey to you the exasperation in her voice!)

Me: "My last period was July 2007, before I became pregnant with BB."

Her: "You haven't had a period since before you became pregnant the last time???"
I think she was about to call me an idiot at this point.

Me: "No, I haven't had one since July 2007."

Her: "Didn't you bleed after he was born, cuddles?"

Okay, seriously, did she just ask me this??? At this point I'm getting really weirded out. And why oh why does she have to use my name when the entire waiting room can hear every word she is saying?! Now everyone there will know that cuddles is pregnant and that she hasn't bled in a VERY LONG TIME.

Me: "Yes, of course I bled after he was born, but I haven't had an actual period since before I became pregnant with BB."

Lady, you're the receptionist. Make the appointment. There is no reason for this interrogation. I realize that I am now using a much louder voice than I had intending on using for this phone call. As if raising my voice is going to help her to understand.

Her: "Well, that's different."

Me: "I just finished breastfeeding BB."

Why do I feel like I owe her an explanation?

Her: "Well, he's going to be out for a while, so I can't book you anything until the end of August."

What drives me crazy is that I have to continue to be polite and friendly towards this grouchy old lady because she can prevent me and BB from getting the medical care we need from our GP. I wish I could find a new doctor, but this is what we seem to be stuck with here in NB. And by the end of next year Dr. B. will be retiring, leaving us even further up the crick sans paddle.


Mr. & Mrs. said...

I can just imagine how frustrating that must be!

Hint- One thing I have learned, is that if you go into the hospital or a walk-in, and you are pregnant, the doctor that see's you will usually take you on as a patient ;)
Just go to a walk in, and say you took a HPT and that it came back positive and you needed to be 100% sure!

Thats how I found my doctor, and had several other offers from other doctors. Give it a try!

Its usually REALLY common to not have your period for a while after you give birth. Her reaction to that was VERY unprofessional and should be brought up with your doctor when you do see him.
I am not sure why it happens, but most women I know took about a year to get back on track properly, and some longer if they have been breast feeding, so I wouldn't worry if I were you.
They can always find out your due date by measurements anyways =)

Let me know if you decide to give my trick a try!!

Good luck!

Independent Chick said...

That drives me insane!!!!

Beyond A Mommy said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Very exciting news!