Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mini Rant

Biting my tongue really hurts. It's quite painful. I tend to live out loud and feel like I've been squelching myself for the past several months.

Today I'm filled with fear, rage, and frustration and can't even say why. I'm soooo tired of censoring myself. It's not me.

So many things need to get settled (and quickly) so I can go back to being the me that I'm meant to be.


The Original Princess said...

I have soooo been there. I kept my mouth shut so, so, so many times just to keep the peace and not be hurtful. You know what I found out in the end? It made things worse...and those words came straight from the ex's mouth. He said me being nice made it worse. He was right.

Emilie said...

I've ranted - on my blog. I can't seem to say things directly outloud because I get frustrated and start bawling, and end up embarrassing myself. The blog rant wasn't well received, but I feel better. I'd have done it sooner, though, and not let it build up....hind sight's 20/20!

Independent Chick said...

My tongue has been bitten to the bleeding stage. I'm kind of there now. I'm trying to decide if I say something or just let it go...let it all go. I have to do something because I'm not myself...can't be.

Like you should take this advice from me, given what I just said but, girl, you rock. Be your beautiful self.