Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Don't Just Want to Break Me

This song played while I was on the treadmill last night. It hit close to home. During one of my minutes of walking, I grabbed my pen and scrawled the title (which is repeated a million times at the end of the song with varying degrees of pain and perhaps anger in Hawksley's voice) across my arm. I'm not sure what possessed me to do this, but it felt good. When it was time to start running again, I suddenly had far more energy, and spent my last block of running minutes going faster than I have since I started running.

you don't just want to break me (you want to tear me apart)
By Hawksley Workman

i feel like selling my things
i feel like being alone
can't tell if i'm more confused
after i hung up the phone
glad to hear you're feeling stronger
and that you're ready to grow
didn't know that i was in your way
thanks for saying it...

now i know
so this is how these things go
so this is how these things shake out in the end

see the winter settling in
it's going to be cold a while
in the winter everything's dead
deep and crisp and even
and this is how it feels to be left standing
to be the one who never did know
so this is how it feels to fade and pale
laid down like aching snow

you said that i had no courage
one day you'll see things different

you don't just want to break me
you want to tear me apart

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