Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mr. Adorable :)

I generally look for someone who has the whole package when choosing to correspond with a guy online. You know, looks, decent writing skills, etc. There's a guy whose picture I've admired for a long time in the pond, but I never worked up the nerve to message him because I didn't want to risk the rejection (I think I've mentioned before that I rarely initiate contact. The two small kids thing causes most people to say, "Thanks, but no thanks!" And that stings. It's good of them to be honest, but it still stings. I'm too sensitive.) Out of the blue the other day he messaged me! I nearly fell out of my chair! We've been exchanging messages regularly and he is completely killing the English language, but it really doesn't matter because he's so damn pretty, and as a bonus he's quite funny. Before I know it I'll be picking up his bad habits and writing about taking BB "too" the doctor or going "too" the store! ;o) He seems like an absolute sweetheart, so I'm okay with it. Maybe I need to stop being such a judgmental bitch? :) I'm proceeding with caution though. I remember the last "absolute sweetheart" I met back in January... we all know how that ended.

Like so many of these things, it will probably go no where. But for now, I'm excited that the adorable guy actually likes me back! :)


J said...

I can't wait for your spelling to go downhill. Oh, the fun I will have.

cuddles said...

Revenge for last night's "Yack" correction on FB? :)