Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get your groove on

BB has always loved music. I remember taking him to a flyball tourney when he was a month old. Between races they played a Johnny Cash song. His eyes immediately opened and his head started bopping from side to side. A coincidence, maybe, but he really has always loved music, regardless of the genre.

N and I decided a month or two ago that we were going to check out a friend's band tonight. We figured our friend would be tickled to see us there (he was!) and about a week ago, I decided we'd take BB along for the ride.

The first 20 minutes BB sat quietly in his lawn chair. Getting his bearings. Taking it all in. Slowly you could see him becoming more comfortable. He started bopping his head. Then he was up and down from his chair. Eventually he was dancing on the grass. When a song would end he'd clap his hands and then put one finger up in the air and ask, "Un mor?" (One more? or Another?) Even when the concert was over and we were talking to our friend (like a couple of groupies) he was still asking for more. Apparently they don't do encores at these free outdoor concerts.

I think a few more concerts will have to be planned for the near future. It would be nice if the parking situation was a bit better though - there's no way I could safely lug both of the kids by myself if we had to park as far away as we did tonight.

I spent most of the evening people-watching. I guess that while BB is a dancer, I'm a voyeur. There was a cute old guy there wearing a Scottish tam, plaid shorts, and knee socks. He seemed sad during the concert. I wondered what his story was. I also saw a new friend there from a distance, but figured I wouldn't be able to get his attention without making a spectacle of myself. Perhaps next time.

All in all, a fun experience. Chalking this evening up as a success. Hurray for free concerts in the park!

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