Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grab a coffee before reading...

It's been an interesting week and a half...

The thing that I didn't want to talk about here was that I had met someone. In real life. Not just on the computer. I have mentioned him in a few posts over the past month (here as "the older man" - which just feels wrong to say that now that I've met him, here, and here - the late night phone call.)

He came over a week ago Thursday and visited for over four hours. We got along nicely. I thought he was even better looking in person than in his pics. I felt attracted to him. That's a big deal for me since I seem to have a hard time finding guys that I'm actually attracted to. Oodles of nice guys out there, but not many that I actually have chemistry with in real life. He asked if I'd be interested in going out for dinner, of course I said yes.

This past Tuesday night we went out. (It was the night XH was over for dinner and a visit, so being the great XH that he is, he stayed with the babies while I went out.) I had a nice time with him. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. Very kind and considerate.

There's a "but" coming though, can you sense it? Surprisingly, it's not the age thing. That seems irrelevant now.

He just moved to the area, and he all ready seems to be regretting that decision. I sense that he's not going to stick around. For that reason, I feel like I need to exercise caution. I don't want to pursue something if it doesn't even have the possibility of being something long term.

So yeah, I'm on the fence about things. And who knows, he might not be interested anyway. We haven't connected since Tuesday night (missed calls, etc.)

In addition to all this, there's been other interesting things happening. About a month ago I created a Twitter account, just for shits and giggles. Facebook annoys me now - far too many people stalking my every move, so this gives me a different way to connect with people that aren't necessarily my "friends" or family. Early on I started following someone I recognized from the pond... for no reason other than the fact that I recognized him and figured, "why not?" Since then, we've exchanged a few messages here and there, and then Wednesday night we started exchanging a lot of messages. After a few direct messages, I confessed to recognizing him from the pond. Then, *gulp* because I have my blog linked to my Twitter profile, he told me he was reading it. ...and he's still talking to me. Craziness.

My birthday was yesterday. It was a great day. The "birthdayness" actually started Friday night. The kids (ie. XH) gave me the cutest t-shirt ever (it says "meh" across the chest. So me!) in a very nicely coloured gift box (XH and BB's project while I ran a couple errands in town.) Then yesterday the babies and I headed to my parents' place for the day. BBQ and chocolate cake - exactly what I asked for! Last night S and N came over with Indian food for dinner and chocolate chip cookies for dessert! (Two different people made chocolate chip cookies for me for my birthday! Think they know me much?!) Later in the evening N's hubby arrived, and we broke out my old MP3s. I'm not sure how BB slept through all the noise. There was a bit of dancing, a bit of rapping, a bit of singing along, and a whole lot of laughs. Definitely a great night! The celebrations continued today with K&A bringing lunch!

I received some funny gifts this year... K&A gave me back bacon from the market. (We ate it at supper tonight. Yum!) N gave me a funky toothbrush thing that she says will be a life saver when I get my braces (11 days away.) S gave me mononucleosis... such an appropriate gift from her! That one was probably the funniest. I assured her that I haven't kissed anyone in months, so my chances of actually contracting the disease are quite slim.

A and I went shopping today. I started my Christmas shopping. I'm baffled at that. S and N's gifts are almost complete, and I picked up a book for BB. I bought myself some new sheets, a lunch bag, a pretty new shower curtain, and a couple new hats. I'm so excited about all of it. Usually by now I'd have buyer's remorse, but not this time.

The children have been doing their usual crazy amounts of growing and changing. BB is picking up new words and phrases on a daily basis. This morning I opened up his blind and he informed me that it was a "nice day!" Throughout the day today, he reminded me of this fact... once he shrieked "Nice day!" at lunch. He now says meatball ("meat-a-ball" - he sounds like someone doing a bad imitation of an Italian!) and polka dot ("pola-DOK".) He's even been picking up on words like rectangle, and is putting nouns and verbs together to better convey his message. Communication is a wonderful thing, and it's making life with him much easier.

On a similar note, I've been trying hard to give him even more attention. It seems to be helping with the undesirable behaviour I had been experiencing. The hitting, kicking, and tantrums seem to be subsiding. I was right when I said that I needed to do better.

BG is surprising me every day as well. Friday night XH and I put her in her jumperoo for the first time. She only lasted a couple of minutes before it was obvious that she was tired, but you could tell that she's going to love it over the next several months. She's so alert now, and wants to be a part of everything. When I say her name, she looks for me. She's fallen in love with Sophie the giraffe and is constantly licking and chewing her. I think she's going to have teeth earlier than her brother did. Tonight I noticed a couple of white spots on her lower gums. For the past month she's been drooling a lot. The last couple of days she's started blowing spit everywhere. It's quite funny. She's much chattier than BB was at this age. Her smile lights up the room, the same way her brother's always did (and still does!)

A friend jokingly wrote on my FB wall wishing me a happy 25th birthday. I shuddered at the idea. I was miserable when I turned 25. I was working in SJ, and was unsure when I'd get to return to Freddy. I wanted kids so badly, but XH wasn't on board. I believe that was the birthday that I ended up in tears at the bar because of the drunken discussion we had about kids. I'd much prefer to be where I'm at now. I'm happy now. I don't think I could have said that then. My life isn't perfect, but I have few complaints.

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I have the same shirt! Got it a couple of years ago and I STILL love it :)