Sunday, August 22, 2010

iPhone Conclusion

After getting my thoughts somewhat organized Thursday night, I called my friends at Telus on Friday morning. The agent I spoke with told me that the phones were out of stock, and I should have been told that last Friday when I was speaking with them. She couldn't tell me when they would have more in stock, but offered to give me a refund if I wanted it. I almost said yes, but figured that if I did that and went to the store, the store would be sold out again and I'd be back at square one. Plus, I liked the promotion I got when I ordered the phone. A promotion that ended on August 8. So grumbling at their shoddy service, I decided to continue waiting, and hung up the phone.

Fast forward a few hours to that afternoon. I'm in the bedroom with the kids and the doorbell rings. I instantly felt annoyed and apprehensive - who could possibly be here without first notifying me? I peeked out around the bedroom door and saw a Purolator guy. What the heck did I order? This made no sense to me. As I was signing for the package, I was still trying to figure it out. My only guess was that it was the iPhone, but that really made no sense, since I was just told that morning they were out of stock.

The guy wasn't out out of the driveway before I was opening the package. Sure enough, contained in the box was my new phone! I tried to set it up during BB's nap, but it wouldn't connect to the Telus network. So I had to call the support line. I was frightened as I called because of all my previous experiences with their agents. But this call, although it took close to two hours, was a positive experience. In fact, Tiffany was so fantastic that she almost redeemed Telus for its past transgressions. Almost. She even gave me additional daytime minutes to make up for the hassle I had gone through with their web orders group. I was so happy when we finished our call that I asked how I could ensure she received recognition for the great customer service she had provided me. She transferred me to her manager's voice mail, and I left a message for Giselle singing Tiffany's praises. Yay for Tiffany!

So, here's my question - what would have happened if I had asked Telus to refund my credit card when they offered? Since the phone was en route to me and they seemed to have no record of it, would I have received the phone for free?

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