Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She does prattle on

It's been a bit since I last emptied my head here. I think I have my game-face on again, and am feeling more like myself. Not sure what the past week has been about, but I can only guess it was somehow hormone related. Need to keep an eye on that I think.

- From last Thursday until Monday-ish, I felt awful. As if I was getting sick, but wasn't actually getting to the point of being sick. So incredibly tired. And blue beyond belief. Oh, and did I mention tired? Because yeah, I was tired. Very very tired. Anyway, yesterday was considerably better, and today I feel normal again.

- I'm not sure if this is related to the above at all but I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror tonight, and was shocked at how my ribs beneath my collar bone are sticking out. I recall when I started losing weight a few years ago, that was one of the first indicators that I had lost weight. I could suddenly see ribs there, when previously a good layer (or two) of fat covered them. Even the night before BG was born, I could still see the ribs there if I looked at the right angle. But now... well there's no mistaking them. I am down to 124 lbs. I haven't weighed this little in years. I think I was around 125 when I met XH. Maybe 130. Anyway, I have a pic of J and I from the Christmas formal in grade 11. I was 110 lbs then. And I was a bony mess. I looked like one of those biology class skeletons. I'm 14 lbs away from that. Not that I want to gain weight. And it's not that I'm not eating. All I can guess is that it's the nursing that is causing the weight loss. If I recall correctly though, I only lost weight until BB was around six months old (thankfully all 60lbs were gone by that time!) so perhaps I'll even out in a month or so. What I need to do is find a way to start exercising again. That would help to give me a healthy look, rather than the too-thin look I've been coming dangerously close to rocking lately.

- My (ex)in-laws were here a couple of days last week doing some much needed (and much appreciated) painting outside. Rather than having them travel both days, I suggested they crash here, and surprisingly, they took me up on it. Fast forward to this past weekend. My dad was asking BB, "Who spent the night here this week?" He was expecting him to say, "Grammy and Grampy" but what BB answered with was, "Da!" I quickly jumped in and explained to him that no, daddy hadn't spent the night here. *sigh* This is how rumours are started.

- BB is wowing me with his love of the music I love. He now asks for me to play Hawksley Workman for him. "Awk!" And when a Tegan and Sara song plays, he now tells me it's Tegan and Sara. (Tegan is quite clear, but the "and Sara" is a bit garbled still.) Same thing goes for the Hawksley Workman songs. His little mind is like a sponge. He takes everything in and seems to remember it all. So amazing.

- Whenever BB has an itch, he tells me there's a bug on him. If his eye is itchy he says, "Bug en mah eye." If his leg is itchy, he blames that on a bug. I'm guessing he had an itchy bug bite at some point, and now all itches are the fault of a bug.

- I had my braces put on last Thursday. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and adjusting to them has been easier than I expected. I only have them on my top teeth so far though. I'm scheduled to have two molars pulled in September. It seems wrong to have two perfectly good teeth removed. I'm scared shitless about having them removed. Flossing is a complete SOB. OMG, that hurts. I could cry just thinking about it. Hopefully once those two molars are gone it won't hurt so bad? I updated my FB status on Friday to make fun of the fact that I now have braces, and a friend commented, " I am so very happy for you. Now you will believe what we have all known all along - how truly beautiful you really are!" If it had been from anyone else, I would have thought, "Blow it out your ass", but coming from this person, it really touched me and made me do a bit of a self-assessment. In spite of all the ups and downs (more downs than ups, really) of the past nine months, I think that my self-image is far better than it was nine months ago. I'm too modest to say, "Yeah, I'm beautiful." but I certainly don't think I'm unattractive. I'm definitely looking forward to the results from this treatment - already I am able to see progress. I keep reminding myself of this when I hit my teeth with my cutlery, when my bottom teeth gnash into my top teeth ("Hey, where did you guys come from?! You didn't occupy this space a few days ago!"), and when I floss. No pain, no gain, right?

- I've been saying recently that once the kids are grown up, I'll definitely need a new dining set. Already, BB has aged it significantly. There are scratches and pen marks on the table top, marker that although washable, doesn't seem to wipe off it is isn't discovered soon after the "accident" happens. This morning I also noticed that the chairs are becoming loose. The chair his booster seat is attached to is becoming quite wobbly, so I checked out the other chairs, and discovered the same thing. I can only imagine the shape they'll be in by the time BG is 27 months old! I'm beginning to think I'll need the new dining set long before the kids are grown.

- The more words that BB learns, the more demanding he becomes. I had mozzarella cheese here this week, in addition to his usual old cheddar. When he asked for cheese, I asked, "Do you want the white cheese or the orange cheese?" and he would choose his colour. Now he's asking specifically for a particular colour of cheese without prompting.
BB: "Whi chee!"
Me: "White cheese PLEASE."
BB: "Whi chee PEE!"
Me: "Yessir"

- Today we read "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?" and when we got to the two pages at the end of the book with all of the animals, he knew the colour of each one, along with the type of animal. I wasn't expecting that! Again, he's a sponge right now.

- There is a tree across the street from my house that changes colour before all the other trees start. This tree depresses me. I noticed the other day that it's now red. This morning, I noticed one of the trees in my front yard has a few leaves that have already changed colour. The end of summer is near. The idea of summer being over makes me feel so sad. Why does my happy time of year have to be so short?

- A house is being built not too far from my house. Dump trucks and other heavy machinery are constantly rumbling past my place. More often than not, I jump when I hear them, because it sounds like there's someone in my driveway. The idea of unexpected company does not sit well with me. There are very few people that I'd be okay with just dropping by. By very few, I mean maybe one or two. Tops. And that's even pushing it. Anyway, all of this extra traffic has made me realize that I'm living in fear of a vehicle turning into my driveway unexpectedly.

- I have a major beef with Telus. I think I'll save that for another post though. It's getting late and I don't want to go to bed feeling full of rage.

- One of the blogs that I enjoy reading is soon going to be removed from my "must read" list. I typically catch up on my reading during the evening while BG is either nursing or settling in for the night. When this particular page loads, music starts blaring from my computer, startling both of us. If you want to put music on your website, go ahead, but give me the option of pressing play if I want to listen to it. Please. Don't make me frantically search your page for the stop button. Grrr.

And on that note, here's some music for you. It's up to you if you want to listen to it, but I highly recommend it! :)

- Sunday night I was in the bathroom giving BG her bath. BB was still awake in his room, and I could hear him in there singing "Blow Away" by A Fine Frenzy. "Uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh away!"

Yeah, she's hot, and I have a crush on her. If you liked that one, watch this one too--Another one of BB's favourite songs. He calls it "Kick" and says it with a kicky lilt to his voice.

Wow, an entire post with nothing about my love life. Amazing. Is anyone else as shocked as I am?

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