Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Updates

It's been a while since I've randomly splatted stuff from my brain here. Hold on tight!
  • BG woke up sick Monday night. I had a cold by last night. This morning, BB woke up with a runny nose. It's his first illness since his bout with pneumonia in March. Hopefully he fights this off on his own. BG is already showing signs of improvement (isn't breast milk the most wonderful stuff?) so I'm sure BB will be okay in a day or two as well.
  • I've never talked about work issues here much... Big Brother is a rather private company, so I'd never want to risk saying anything that could jeopardize my employment with them. However, I do have something I need to share. Last fall I had an issue with a coworker who was incredibly disrespectful to me. Some might say that she bullied me... if you were the type to throw this term around. This is someone who started working in the office a couple of months before I transferred up to Freddy, so she's been around just as long as I have. Although she was always rather rough around the edges, I always got along with her fine until that day. Anyway, this issue with her was pretty big and it wasn't effectively dealt with. I had a lot of stuff to deal with last fall, and having to deal with the additional problems she was creating for me caused a lot of stress. Recently I've been feeling like I'm finally dealing with all of the stuff that happened last fall. (There's been so much drama between H, the kids, and just life in general that I think I just put everything from fall 2009 on a shelf to pull out and examine at a later date.) The issue with the coworker has been weighing heavily on me, because I knew that I'd have to deal with her again when I returned to work... to the point that I even cried about it last week. Then yesterday I was into the office for a quick visit (that turned into a 1.5 hour visit!) and received the most wondrous news--her position was eliminated and as of Monday she was no longer employed there. Don't get me wrong, I do feel bad that she lost her job. But when I found out, I began to cry... tears of relief. The idea of having to work with her again had really been making me dread returning to work. I was even tossing around the idea of looking for work elsewhere, which is ridiculous considering the sweet deal I have there--great co-workers, an understanding manager, decent vacation due to the number of years I've been there, etc. It pays to play nice, folks. Bitches only win temporarily and eventually someone will put them in their place... it may feel like it takes forever but it will happen.
  • I forgot until this week the degree to which many of my coworkers feel like family.
  • BB had a blast visiting my office yesterday. He went for "piggy back rides" around the office (i.e. was taken for a ride around the office in a chair) and got to play with stickers, stamps and paper clips.
  • I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but I keep meaning to... About a month ago, BB tried climbing on my back and said, "Take a pig a walk." I asked, "Take a pig for a walk?" He said, "Yes!" And then it dawned on me... it was his way of asking for piggy back ride! Since that day, he's consistently called them piggy back rides.
  • The crisis that H found himself in back in April (that brought us together again) was officially over as of Tuesday. I've been wondering for months if I'd ever hear from him again after Tuesday or if he was just keeping in touch on occasion to ensure I was still in his camp. I heard from him Wednesday morning when he shared the outcome with me, and now we'll see if I ever hear from him again. I wish things were different between us, but he's treated me so poorly that I'm not going to lose sleep over whether I hear from him again. I don't believe that he knows how to actually be a true friend to someone. I am glad though that he's going to be okay, and that my faith in him was not misplaced.
  • Real Food Connections is wrapping up business for the season. They had a fab sale this week that I totally took advantage of. I'm going to miss their deliveries during the winter.
  • I had my hair cut again this week. It's getting shorter with every haircut. I'm still not certain if I'm going to keep it short or start the painful process of growing it out again. I need something that is easy to do when I go back to work. The long/flat-ironed style was easy, but I'd prefer something even faster. I'm not sure if I've found it yet or not. I find that I look tired and haggard again right now (after my last haircut I recall looking refreshed and alive) so perhaps I should wait a while before making any decisions about the current cut.
BG is waking up... I'll save this draft and proof/post it later. :)

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