Thursday, November 4, 2010


On our way home today, we were listening to Steven Page's Indecision. Baby Boy loves this song so much. He says, "Tee Pay!" as soon as he hears the beginning of the song, and asks for the song by singing, "Woohoohoohoo." I made the mistake of showing him the video on my iPhone the other night and now he begs to watch it. "Tee Pay! Woohoohoohoo. Phone."

This song is on my phone twice - I bought it as a single before the album was released, and then again with the entire album. It's good that I have it on there twice - Baby Boy's chances of hearing it are increased. ;o)

Anyway, I turned off the car to stop for the mail on the way home tonight, and the music turned off as well. I caught him actually singing the words, not just the "Woohoohoohoo" part! I always hate it when people stop the music while I'm still singing along, and there's that second where I'm still singing but there's no music for me to hide behind. But doing it to him today, although unintentional, was bloody fantastic! To hear his sweet little voice singing along... beautiful.

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