Sunday, September 9, 2007

I'm pregnant!!!

Last Tuesday, I took a pregnancy test. I was four days late, and was showing a lot of the symptoms I read about in my book. It came out negative. I was annoyed, because if I wasn’t pregnant, then my body was wasting valuable baby-making time by not starting the cycle again.

More days pass, same symptoms, no period.

It’s now 5:58 am. I woke up around 4:15 and laid in bed thinking about how badly I had to pee, and how I should take the second test (I bought a 2-pack.) So, I got up around 4:40 and peed on the stick, and two minutes later, guess what?! I’m pregnant!

I went back to bed and told hubby, then realized that I should have taken a picture of the test for the baby book. I saw someone (a co-worker, I think) who put the actual test in their baby book. Ick! “And this is a sample of mommy’s pee from six years ago!” Anyway, after the photoshoot, I went back to bed, and asked hubby how he felt. After prodding to get an answer beyond, "Sleepy" his response was, "Dread." I hope he doesn't resent me for wanting this so badly. And I hope that in time he will be happy with the new addition to our lives and our family.

This all seemed to happen so fast. We decided to start trying about two days after I was supposed to ovulate (according to the online calculator, AND the calculations I made from my book.) Not that our birth control method was fool-proof – withdrawal isn’t exactly effective! However, it worked since last fall. The Sunday that I was supposed to ovulate, it felt like he might not quite have pulled out in time, but I thought it was all in my head. And from reading my book, you’d think that the odds of it happening from that one time would be pretty slim. However, either I didn’t ovulate when I was supposed to, or he did leave a little bit inside of me.

I want to call T! She called me as soon as she found out she was pregnant, but she just brought N home from the hospital on Wednesday, and she has her family there this weekend. She emailed yesterday and told me to call her tonight. I’m counting down the hours until then!

I’m torn on whether I should go to flyball practices or not. The basement is sooo dirty and I have such a hard time breathing after I leave. I’m thinking it’s probably not too good for the baby if I’m not taking in enough oxygen! :( I also need to know whether I can keep using my acne cream… I think I’ll have to do a bit of research!

My only fear of having a baby is that he or she will have crazy allergies to the animals. In fact, that was one of my reasons for being okay with not having a baby. But there are so many more reasons to have one. Hubby doesn’t have allergies, and I’m living with the mutts fine, so baby should be okay too, right?

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