Friday, November 21, 2008

At Peace Today

I'm having a great morning. BB woke up before midnight last night looking for a meal (he was so tired he hardly nursed at bedtime before passing out) and then stayed in his crib until 7:30 this morning. It's nice to feel rested.

Things I am feeling grateful to the universe for today...
  1. The morning sun shining into our living room, giving BB a beautiful glow as he giggles and bounces in his Jumperoo.
  2. Lots of food in our cupboards and fridge. I have a wonderful lunch of leftovers to look forward to. Yum!
  3. Living in Canada where we are given a year away from our jobs when our babies arrive so that we can give our children the best start possible. The pay isn't fantastic, but it gives you the opportunity to learn new methods of saving a buck.
  4. Knitting needles and yarn. It's so nice to once again have a few minutes here and there to feel crafty.
  5. My hubby, who is an amazing dad to BB. I didn't expect him to be so good with BB. It's so much fun to listen to their conversations, and to hear BB's crazed giggle when his daddy tickles and bounces him.
  6. My family. I know they'll be there for me no matter what decisions I may make or situations I may find myself in. It's an wonderful feeling to know that I have such a strong safety net.
Life feels complete today.

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