Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Calling All Blogs...

Please step forward!

I've been trying to find some blogs that I find interesting. I've found a few, but I've read all of their old posts, and new ones don't seem to happen very frequently.

What makes a blog interesting to me? I enjoy blogs about...
  • parenting (a year ago, I wouldn't have enjoyed this topic very much)
  • people who live in the same area as me (I like knowing the area the person is writing about. Plus if someone's going to write about the amazing restaurant they visited on the weekend, I'd rather it be a restaurant that I could try too, rather than it being in some far away place!)
  • people I know, or knew, or who are associated with people I know. This might be part nosiness on my part, but I think it also ties in to wanting to read blogs of people who live near by. Plus, I seem to remember practically everyone I've ever met, and I love hearing about their lives, even if they don't remember me or care about me.
  • hobbies that I'm interested in, such as knitting, pets, photography.
I don't enjoy blogs about high-school life, gaming, or people's devotion to Jesus. (No offense to anyone who feels their blog falls into this category.)

I've searched blogger for everyone who has listed that they live in NB. I've looked at several profiles that show interests that appeal to me. It seems that most of these people have started a blog, and haven't posted after their first entry. Or in some cases, they made a good effort for a while, but haven't posted since 2005. So disappointing!

I do have a list of about a dozen blogs that I find interesting, and that seem to be updated on an occasional basis. Several of these I know who the owners are, and when I was reading their old posts I wanted to contact them to let them know that I was feeling for them, or that I've been thinking of them, or that I miss them, but I was worried that it would be creepy. It makes me a bit sad that I don't have the guts to reach out to these people, who are so willingly sharing their lives with the world, to let them know that, "Hey, I care." I've always lived my life fearing rejection, and I guess that's why I'm not brave enough to de-lurk. But that is off-topic I guess.

If anyone happens to be reading this, and you know of any blogs that you think I might enjoy, please drop a line!

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