Sunday, November 9, 2008

The End of an Era

Today marks the last day that BB will be exclusively breastfed. Granted, six months isn't exactly an era; however, since it's his entire lifespan so far, it's still a pretty long time.

I'm feeling a bit sad and nervous, yet excited tonight. We've been so busy during these past few days that I haven't had a chance to relax and enjoy our last few days of exclusive breastfeeding. Exclusive breastfeeding has been wonderful. No worries about food being the right temperature of the proper consistency, or whether he's going to be allergic to something new. But he's almost six months, and DH will be home tomorrow, so I'll have help in case he happens to have a reaction and to get some pics for me!

His first food is going to be avocado. All of the folks of the old-school mindset seem to think I'm crazy, but I've read in several places that since he's still being breastfed, he doesn't need cereal first, and it's perfectly okay to start with avocado, bananas, or sweet potatoes. What matters is that I am confident with my decision, and as I've learned during the past six months, being confident in your parenting decisions is very important.

We visited DH's parents place today for the first time since BB's arrival. The second half of the drive up was pretty awful, but he slept the entire way home. While we were there, my MIL hauled a baby sippy cup out of the cupboard that belonged to DH's cousin's daughter, and told BB that the next time he visits he'll be able to use the sippy cup. I gave it to him to play with, since I'd like to try to start giving him a bit of breast milk in a cup as he refuses a bottle. Smart little guy, but the spout into his mouth! He also chewed on the handles, but spent most of the time with the spout in his mouth. My BIL thought it would be great to put some water in the cup to see if he would drink it. At that point I had to put my foot down, and explain that BB is not permitted to have water. Of course I was questioned why (as if I was crazy) and I explained for what felt like the hundredth time that if he fills up on water, he won't drink as much from me, and in turn my milk supply could be reduced. Also if he's filling up on water, he's missing out on all the wonderful nutrients etc. in my milk. And guess what?! My milk is liquid and it hydrates him, just as well as water would! As usual, they acted like the understood, but I'm sure I'll be explaining it all again the next time we see each other. I think I'll also try him with a bit of milk (breast milk, of course!) in the sippy cup tomorrow and see if he can figure it out. I certainly don't want him to drink it like that all the time; however, it would be nice to know that he'll take it that way in case I'm out some day and can't get home at the exact time BB needs to eat.

Tomorrow BB takes his next step towards growing up. I'm a little sad that my baby boy is taking a step away from babyhood, but I'm so happy to watch my baby growing up healthy and strong.

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