Saturday, November 15, 2008

Solid Woes

The introduction to solids isn't going the way I daydreamed it would. All of my friends who have already done it all seem to say, "Baby LOVED his first solid meal!" I cringe now when I hear things like this. BB doesn't exactly hate it, but he's not a fan.

We started with the avocado, and he wasn't loving it. So after four days of that, yesterday we moved on to bananas. Not really a fan of the bananas either. He hasn't ingested much more than a taste of each though. And once he's tasted it, he clamps his mouth shut so no more of the evil substance can find its way in!

I thought I was making progress yesterday when I put some banana on my finger. He grabbed my finger and attacked it with his mouth the way he always does. So cute! And successful. He ended up with banana in his mouth, made a funny face, then swallowed it. To my surprise, it worked a second time as well! Today I tried it again. He wasn't falling for that trick a second day in a row!

He will take the spoon from me to play with, but by the time he gets it into his mouth, the food has already fallen off of it. So again, that idea isn't really working either.

BB is so interested in us when we eat. I thought he was ready. But I'm starting to think that maybe he simply isn't ready yet. He is six months old today (where is the time going?!) and everything says that at six months they're ready for solids. Perhaps he's the exception to this though. As DH pointed out this morning, BB has been ahead of schedule for several things; perhaps with solids he will just be behind schedule. I'm not sure whether I should wait a week before trying something new and lay off the food for now, or if I should just keep trying every day and hope that one day he suddenly gets it.

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