Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Decisions Decisions

DH and I decided Sunday night that I should contact my manager at work and ask to get together with her to let her know that I'm considering not returning.  Technically, I believe I don't have to let them know that I'm not returning until a month before I am due to resume employment with them.  But I don't feel right doing that.  Having been in a supervisory position, I understand that it's nice to have notice on these sorts of things, so you're not scrambling at the last minute to pick up the pieces.  

Before I had a chance to contact my manager yesterday, an email arrived from the HR manager asking me to confirm my return date.  Panic.

I wanted to approach them first.  And on my own.  Now it looks like I'm only contacting my manager because the HR manager cornered me.  

I was paralyzed in fear yesterday.  I'm ignoring the email from the HR manager, and I finally just emailed my manager a few minutes ago to ask if we can get together for a few minutes later this week to discuss a couple things.  

I keep asking myself if I'm crazy to give up my decent-paying job when so many people are losing their jobs right now.  It's so important to me to raise DS ourselves though.  I know that leaving the job is the right decision in respect to him...  as long as DH is able to keep his job, and I can come up with a way to earn the extra money we need to get us through each month.  I'm hoping that I might be able to work out something with my manager to work part-time evenings.  They did it for another employee who wanted to stay at home with her children, and then let her switch to days once her kids were in school.  The plan right now is to return to work once DS starts school, so it would be fantastic to keep my relationship with the place.  I'm sure that if they have the work available, they'd take me, but whether or not they do, and whether or not they want someone to do it in the evenings, is the question.  

I'm not above going back to my fast-food roots if it can work around our schedule.  Anything for my baby boy.


Independent Chick said...

You say here to share your thoughts...so my thoughts. You would be doing your child a wonderful thing by staying home. Just as much as they are a gift to you, you are a gift to them. A job is a job and yes, people are crying for work right now...so... You need to do what feels right in your heart. If you can manage to compromise with work...do it. You are very lucky to have the choice. I think it's a wonderful idea. Don't be stressed about talking to your Manager or HR. They are lucky to have you and if they get their panties in a bunch because you want to be with your child...poo on them. I'm in your corner 100%!!!

cuddles said...

Thank you so much for your support! It really means a lot to me. I'm going in tomorrow afternoon to talk with my manager. I've made a list of items I want to cover off. Hopefully this will prevent the verbal-diarrhea from beginning, and keep me focused. I'm also hoping that I can do this without breaking into tears. (My manager really doesn't handle the emotions well.) I kind of feel like I'm breaking up with work...
Thanks again for your note! *huggs*

Independent Chick said...

I hope the break up went well. Hugs to you.