Friday, January 30, 2009

Feeling Great!

Today has been a super fantastic day!  

DH came home from work early so he could take care of DS while I went into town to meet my manager and run a few errands.  It was my first trip out alone since before Christmas.  I didn't feel like I needed an outing by myself, but wow, it was surprisingly refreshing!  

My manager was very supportive this afternoon.  I couldn't have hoped for a better reaction from her!  She said that of course she would give me a reference if I choose not to return, but she is going to try to work something out for me so that I can work for them in the evenings.  The HR manager is South for the next couple of weeks, so my manager won't be able to work on a solution until she returns.  My manager even made it sound like I shouldn't even look for alternate work until I've heard back from them.  I told her that my plan is to keep an eye on job postings, and maybe put a few feelers out to see what sorts of places might be able to accommodate the schedule I'm looking for, but if I can maintain my relationship with them, I'd definitely prefer to do that, and will choose them over another employer as long as everything jives.  Definitely feeling good about this whole thing.  Hopefully they can come up with something that will work for both them and me.  

After my trip to the office, I picked up groceries.  Before DS arrived, DH and I almost always bought groceries together.  The last eight and a half months, DH has been doing all of the grocery shopping, with the odd exception where DS and I join him.  (I love love love the grocery store, BTW.)  I sooooo enjoyed getting groceries.  I've become much more frugal since the days before DS.  It was so much fun to price compare today and try to get the best bargain.  I've been trying to be more thrifty lately (especially since our income is going to dramatically decrease if I stay home in May!) 

At the grocery store today, inspiration struck!  I have our receipts from the past few weeks, so I'm going to create a database to keep track of how much things cost so that I'll know if something is actually on sale or if it's just the store trying to convince me to buy a particular product.  Feeling excited about this little project!

We've been wanting to pick up Cranium for a while now, and they had it at the grocery store for $25!  This kind of goes against my trying to be frugal, but it's a splurge we had already discussed, so I think I'm justified.  And I compared the price at Wal-Mart, and it was $33 there!  The price difference is crazy.  I'm very excited to add this game to our collection!

My final stop was a trip to Wal-Mart.  (Yes, I'm hanging my head in shame, but you do what you gotta do.)  I picked up six balls of Phentex to make a few pairs of slippers for my mother's slipper basket.  An elderly lady in line behind me asked me, "Is the yarn on sale?"  I told her that no, it wasn't, and she asked if I was making slippers.  I told her that yes, I was going to try making them.  She told me that she makes lots of them, and that they're really easy, you just have to know how to twist your yarn.  Twisting the yarn is the part I'm uncertain about.  I figure I can learn online how to do it, but I often get lost in the crap before I find what I'm looking for.  I told the lady that I hoped I could figure that part out.  She said that it's too bad I didn't live next door to her, because she could show me how to twist my yarn.  I laughed and said, "You don't live in XXXX Settlement do you?"  Totally joking.  Her response, "Well, yes I do."  Yep, turns out she just lives down the road from me.  Her last name?  XXXX.  The Settlement was named after her husband's family.  Small world.  She was so sweet.  She gave me her phone number to call her if I need help with the slippers.  How adorable is that?  Part of me just wants to ask her for help so I can get to know her a bit better.  (Unfortunately, I know what I'm like...  by the time I wake up tomorrow morning I'll have lost my nerve and will feel bad for bothering her--even though I know that she'd probably LOVE to help me.)

So, that is the low-down on my super-terrific day!  Oh, and two other high-lights:  1.  DS's third tooth officially arrived on the scene today; 2. My blog an 'official' follower now!  Welcome "McNair"!  :)  Thanks for visiting!

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