Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eight Months

I say this every month, heck, I say it every day, but where is the time going?  My baby boy is eight months old today.  My life changed forever eight months ago today.  

This past month he's grown and changed so much!  He now tries to "share" whatever he happens to be chewing on at the moment.  He doesn't want me to take it, but he holds it out so I can have a little nibble at it (tonight it was the string to my hoodie, earlier today it was the pig that goes with his Shape Sorting Barn).  Already he's learning to share!  

When we're playing together on the living room floor, every so often he'll scoot over to me, press his body against mine and hold it for a few seconds, and then scoot off again.  He also will reach for me when we're playing on the floor so I can pick him up and give him a snuggle.  I think this is the beginning of affection.  I'm not sure if he's giving it, or taking it.  I'm willing to wager he's taking, I don't think he's old enough to think of anyone else's feelings but his own.  But either way, it's very cool that he knows he can come to mommy for a bit of love whenever he feels the need.

He's now also a momma's boy.  :)  He cries when I leave the room.  If someone else is holding him and I come near, he will practically leap from their arms into mine.   And if I'm not close enough for the leap?  He cries.  But if I'm out of sight, I'm usually out of mind.  Which is good.

Tooth # 2 arrived this past month!  

He is now giving high-fives!  How cool is that?

Even cooler?  When we read to him, he turns the pages of the book for us!  When we ask him to.  Sometimes he even knows when to do it on his own.  :)

He now tries to talk.  When we repeat a word for him, he'll sometimes try to say it himself.  He's done a very good job of repeating the words 'apple' and 'daddy'.  He has to be in the right mood for this though!

We had to lower his crib to the second lowest setting because he was getting closer and closer to being able to pull himself up. 

He can now move himself back into a sitting position when he's laying on the floor.  He can also move pretty quickly using his "Wounded Soldier Shuffle", as DH calls it.  He digs in with his left elbow and pushes himself wherever he wants to go.  His right hand helps to pull him a little bit, and his legs have started wiggling wildly when he's doing the shuffle.  I think he knows that the legs can help to make him go faster, but he hasn't quite figured out how yet.  It's obvious that he's loving the freedom of being able to put himself into positions that are comfortable for him, and the freedom of being able to explore the house.  Nothing is safe anymore. 

All of this has just happened in the last month.  It's been a busy month with the holidays, and all of these new developments!  

We're in the middle of a cold spell, so we haven't been leaving the house too often.  I'm hoping that one day it will snow on a day that DH is home too so that we can test out the sled that my parents bought for BB in the fall.  So far it's only been used as a prop for his six month pictures! 

BB woke up shortly after 23:00 last night, and even after a diaper change and a feeding, he refused to go back to sleep in his own crib.  I tried holding him until he fell asleep, but as soon I tried to put him back in the crib, he'd start screeching again.  So instead of letting him get too upset, I just brought him into bed with us.  It didn't make for a very good sleep for me, since I was aware of his presence all night, but it's better than the screaming, and it's good that one of us is aware that he's there so we can keep an eye on him.  

The past eight months have been the best of my life.  :)

**Note:  Edited a couple of times to add a few more things that BB has started doing this past month!  There's so many of them; I don't want to forget a thing!

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