Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fab Weekend

I should be heading to bed (stayed up waaaay too late last night, and am paying for it today!) but I had to record my weekend first.  It's one of those weekends where everything has felt good, and rather than feeling sad it's over, I'm happy that it's been so lovely.  

Spent Saturday with N.  She came over for lunch and hung out for the afternoon.  She made the yummiest sandwiches for us (yes, she often brings food to my house.  Am I ashamed?  Nope.  It's part of what makes her a BFF) and then to make it even better, we even had dessert sandwiches too!  Very neat stuff.  It was a wonderful laid back day...  we thumbed through cookbooks, played with BB, I finished off a knitting project, and most importantly, ate and drank coffee.  :)

Saturday night DH and I played Scrabble.  Last weekend when we played, both N and I had a seven letter word that we could have started the game with.  Well, it happened to me again last night!  Sweet.  Obviously, I kicked some DH butt after that.  :)  Oh, one downside to our game of Scrabble...  Fluffy had eaten some poocicles before joining us for the game, and spent most of his time with us choking and gagging on them.  The kitchen smelled great.  *shudder*

BB actually slept through the night last night (20:00 - 06:00); too bad I didn't go to bed until 00:00.  And DH didn't come to bed until almost 02:30, so it made for a very short night.  But at least BB didn't wake up at 04:00!

This morning we visited my brother & his g/f for a little while.  BB was a bit fussy (I think tooth # 3 might be on the way) so we didn't stay much longer than 90 minutes, but it was still nice to visit them, and to get out of the house for a little bit.  

On the way home we stopped by McD's for some 'emergency' lunch.  We had a lunch planned here at home, but we were both hungry, so we caved.  BB was asleep for the stop at the restaurant, the trip home, and continued to sleep while we ate, so we were able to justify it by saying that at least he didn't see us eating it.  (Our goal is to not let him know McD's even exists until he hears about it from someone else...  Get as much goodness into him before he discovers the crap food out there!)  

This afternoon the three of us had some wonderful family time.  Lots of playtime in the living room.  It seems that the evenings are so rushed with chores, etc. we don't have a lot of time for the three of us to hang out, so this afternoon felt good.  

DH made a very neat Pork and Bean Enchilada thingy... Mmmm... looking forward to the leftovers!  I thought the recipe seemed sketchy, and the salsa that accompanied it seemed even sketchier, but OMG, was I wrong.  Sometimes being wrong is nice. Never thought I'd say that!

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