Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Chapter is Closing

  • Today marks the end of my leave from work.  Actually two weeks ago today marked the end of my maternity leave.  The last two weeks I've been on vacation.  
  • I'm trying not to be sad about returning to work.  I'm going back to a new job in a new department with a new boss.  Although I get along very well with my old boss, I almost feel like I know her too well.  I know her games and was often left feeling a lot of bitterness towards her when it came to work issues.  And to be honest, I really hated my old job.  I had been doing it for four years and it was always the same problems.  Over and over again.  I was full of rage on the good days.  As DH said recently, it's probably good that I'm taking this new position because BB probably wouldn't have liked the old mommy.  I couldn't agree more.  
  • I need to remember to set up my blogger account so that I can email posts from work.  
  • My clothes line was finally put up on Tuesday night!  I've been so excited this week.  I love watching the clothes flapping in the breeze.  Drying without costing money or hurting the environment.  And no, the irony of cloth diapering sans clothesline for the past year is not lost on me.
  • I baked bread yesterday for the first time.  The kneading part was so messy.  But I think it will be easier next time.  The bread turned out beautifully--All three loaves.  I got the recipe from the La Leche League cookbook.  A great book; I've made all sorts of great recipes from it.  When the bread was finished it felt so proud of myself.  I felt so female; I made bread for my family.  Anyone who's all for women's lib will hate that statement, but it's true.
  • BB had a better day at the sitter's yesterday.  DH dropped him off and picked him up for the first time.  BB ate both snacks and his lunch, and took both of his naps.  It's the first day he's done all of those things.  Some days he would eat but not nap, other days he would take one nap but not eat, etc.  He came home a very happy baby last night.  I think he might finally be starting to feel better too.  Thank goodness.  He still has a cough and a runny nose, but his energy seems to have returned.  It's as if the life has been put back into him.  
  • We had BB's birthday party last Saturday and it was a great success!  The birthday cake I decorated for him didn't look fantastic, but it was completely homemade, so I knew exactly what he was putting into his little body...  and it was fairly healthy considering the fact it was cake.  It was great to have all of BB's biggest fans all gathered together to celebrate the anniversary of his birth.  BB decided to surprise everyone by walking across the living room ALL BY HIMSELF to get a toy that my dad had!  He was so proud of himself when he made it to his grampy!  It was so sweet!  Up until that point, he may have taken up to three or four steps on his own, and that was with a lot of coaxing.  This, he did all on his own with no encouragement!  Since then, he's back to taking three or four steps again.  But I suspect that he'll be running circles around me VERY soon.
  • I sat outside with my book for about 20 minutes late yesterday afternoon while I was waiting for DH and BB to arrive home.  32C out and it felt so nice.  Summer is when I am happiest.  I've always said that I'm a child of the summer.  I missed most of last summer since BB was so new, and then it rained so much, so hopefully BB and I can make the most of this summer!
  • BB and I are enjoying a quiet day together today.  It is our last weekday together for a while.  I'm really going to miss my baby boy while I'm at work.  Hopefully I'll be able to immerse myself in my new job so that I'm not obsessing about him all day.  We've had such a wonderful year together.  Getting to know him has been an amazing experience.  I feel that DH and I are closer now as a result of BB joining us and turning us into a real family.  I love my boys.


Beyond A Mommy said...

Oh poor you! Going back to work is hard. It'll go fine though I'm sure once you get into the routine everything will settle into place. Good luck with the new job!

cuddles said...

Thanks. I'm counting on the routine to make it all work! *fingers crossed*